Roav C1 Pro and heat

This is my 3rd C1 Pro dashcam. It’s only 87 degrees outside today and my Cam battery has swollen again and pushed the screen out.
They say it’s not a safety issue but who wants this going on in their car while they’re away.

I very rarely say anything negative about Anker products but this thing isn’t good for places that get up to 90+ In the summer. It probably applies to any dashcam with a lipo in it.

87F = 30C.
Not much, quite normal for summer.
But do you think the temperature at the camera was really the same you got from you
car thermometer?
If the camera was directly exposed to the sun it might have been much higher.

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Oh I’m sure it was higher but then leads to the question are we supposed to take them out of the window every time we park?

Yikes!!! I also have a C1 and a C1 Pro but fortunately, never had this issue. Does your car power it even when the engine is off? My husband’s car does but mine doesn’t. We opt to unplug his when we are not driving so that the parking monitor comes on. In my car, since it doesn’t stay powered on when the engine is off… I just keep it plugged. I’m wondering if keeping it plugged in all the time will cause this? Unit may be getting warm when plugged in all the time? I’m only speculating. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had so many issues with this. Hopefully Anker can do something for you…again? I would be concerned if I didn’t think I could trust it in my car, unsupervised.

I have Seen Same Problem On reviews C1 Battery :confused:

Yes I leave it plugged in for parking mode.
This was a replacement to one that did same thing

I would ask them to upgrade you to the new dashcam duo, it uses super capacitors instead of batteries so there is no risk of that happening again

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I do remember a product recall which happened for specific Roav Dashcam C1, identified based on specific set of product serial numbers


It is normal for a battery to expand in higher temperatures and designs usually are made to accommodate what the industry refers to as “swelling.” In earlier Roav Dashcam C1 products, there wasn’t enough room in the design to accommodate for extreme heat expansion causing the screen to bulge out. Newer versions were trying to have fixed this issue. Not sure if this recall extended to C1 Pro as well.

These Dashcams come with 24 month warranty, so the right thing to do is to contact Roav Support and they would replace it as long as warranty covers it.

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This is why i only get dash cams with the capacitors.

87 outside can easily result in 130-150 inside closed car
I’m not surprised to see this. Using a sunshade on windshield will help.

You should measure the temperature at the camera, when exposing it directly to the sun.
I suppose there will be 60C.

Don’t understand me wrong of course the battery should stay alive even with those 60C.

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So I take it your car does not power the unit when the ignition is off right? Instead, it should be using the built in battery. The only way that I know of, that allows the parking monitor to be on, is if it’s running off the built in battery. Again, if the C1 Pro does power on and do the loop recording even when your ignition is off, I would suggest unplugging it when you’re not driving so it doesn’t warm up the battery due to continuous recording. Hope that makes sense.

I recall that too. As a matter of fact, my C1 was replaced. But only because I chose to, eventhough I didn’t have the battery swelling issue. My options were to have it replaced or add another year of warranty for my existing unit. I chose to just replace.

thanks for suggestions but I’m done with this model and don’t want a replacement.

The thing with ANY dashcam from any manufacturer whether it’s anker or not, whether it’s battery or capacitor… It should be mountable on windshield and left there as long as you want without having to baby it, take it down, park in the shade or worry about it swelling or being plugged in or not.
A dashcam is supposed to be a “set it and forget it device”, and only access it when you need the video of an event you captured.

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We consumers looks for good support, 24 month is a good time period for a warranty.

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Sorry to hear about your experience, I have used Roav Dashcams C1 and C2 Pro for quite sometime and in hot weather conditions, car parked in hot sun at LA and San Diego for my vacations as well as regular drives in San Francisco Bay area, had not seen any swelling or battery issues. Gave these away to my family members, and have not heard of any complaints or issues.

Now using the Dashcam Duo, which does not have any batteries, and hardwired via kit to the car.

You should definitely write your feedback to Anker Teams ( @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport ) over a DM, so that the product design team gets the insights into the problem to improve product design improvements.

Really? I recommend they make a dual lens super capacitor dash cam like two years ago.

I’d love a sample to put through the paces. @AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport

Yea it uses super capacitors
Check My review

I have had the same issue with the replacement camera. So far the replacement camera has survived just under 4 months. I contacted CS regarding the issue and they told me that there is nothing they can do because the warranty has expired.

Has anyone thought about contacting the Federal Trade Commission or a possible class action lawsuit?

I has same problem with expanding battery. I made a pin hole in the battery cover and was able to press together. It appears to be working again, time will tell. If anyone is interested, I will respond with let you know of my later experience with the "fixed: cam.