ROAV C1 installation questions for a 2001 Honda CR-V

Hello, y’all! I just got a ROAV C1 Dashcam to use in my 2001 Honda CR-V, but I could really use some help, advice and/or suggestions when it comes to actually installing it in my vehicle.

1.) Is it necessary to tuck the power cable under the headboard above the rear view mirror?
2.) Is there an alternative to using the mounting plate and 3M tape to mount the dashcam?
3.) Is a High Endurance Micro SD card really necessary? Or will a regular card work?

When it comes to figuring out where to try to run power cable, I did receive a pry tool with my dashcam, but I’m not sure if I should actually try to pry up the headboard on the ceiling above the rear view mirror, as it seems like it’s stuck on there tightly. If I were to try to pry it off, I’m worried that the material (thin particleboard/pressed wood?) would break apart and/or that I would not be able to get the carpeting to go back to how it is supposed to be. And even if I did pry it up and tuck the power cable underneath it, how exactly would I get the cable over to the cigarette lighter plug? With this being the case in my particular vehicle, I was thinking about just leaving the power cable hanging down from the dashcam directly to the cigarette lighter plug. It would look tacky and possibly be in the way/annoying, but, it would work and, at least, get my dashcam to be able to be used; and I’m not sure what else to do.

As for mounting the dashcam, I know that some other models comes with a suction cup mount (including the A1 and/or C2, I believe), but that this C1 does not have a suction cup mount as an option. However, I was wondering if there is possibly some sort of third party aftermarket mount that might work with the C1 Dashcam? I did see that there are some aftermarket mounts that attach to the rear view mirror’s arm, but I don’t think that will be an option for my CR-V, as the arm on the rear view mirror is quite thin. So, is there possibly any sort of a suction cup that might fit/be able to be modified to work with the C1 Dashcam? Or an aftermarket mount that might work to attach to a relatively thin arm on a rear view mirror?

And with regards to the Micro SD Card, a 32GB Samsung card was included in the box, but I would really like to try to get a 64GB or 128GB card when I can afford it/if I come across a good deal on one. From what I’ve read, though, it’s either highly recommended, or is completely necessary, to use a High Endurance memory card. However, I’ve also read comments from people who’ve claimed to use regular/non-High Endurance Micro SD cards without any issues. Since I don’t know anything, for sure, I wanted to ask and try to get some advice, before I actually spend $40 or more on a larger Micro SD Card.

Sorry for the lengthy post. If anyone feels like replying and trying to help me out with this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Edit: Here are some pictures of the inside of my Honda CR-V, that should show the headliner, the rear view mirror arm, and a front view of where the power wire would hand down from my rear view mirror to the cigarette lighter port.

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I find some installation videos on YouTube. Hope it can help you.:innocent:

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Just and push the cable into the joint rather than pulling the headboard down or trying to open it up. It might wedge in there ok and be fine. You could also add some small bits of tape or Blu Tac or something along the run if you think it needs securing better.

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You can run the cable however you prefer as long as it’s in reach of your 12v power socket. The pry tool is more for giving a small bit of leverage to get the cable under the rim of your interior trim than for actually prying it fully away…the videos posted by @AnkerOfficial give a good overview :smiley:


I have the C1 and C1 Pro. The C1 is in my hubby’s BMW 325i and the Pro is in my Toyota RAV4. As for the mounting, I actually don’t tuck it or anything. The cable dangles down to the power source. Yes, it’s a bit tacky but I don’t want to pry anything in my car to hide the cable. Besides that, I figure if someone sees the cable, it will be a deterrent for them to mess with my car. :stuck_out_tongue: Depending on how you have the cam set up for recording, I find the included microSD card to be sufficient. Since the footages record and loop, it’ll erase the oldest footage before recording over it. I just take my cards out every so often (especially if I know I have a saved footage) and view them on my computer. I like that I can just set up the dash cam and forget about it. Sometimes, I forget that it’s even there and recording while I’m driving.

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High endurance memory card is important if you live in really hot/cold weather. If your car’s cabin passes 110 degrees, then yeah, I think you should invest in a good card or just bring the camera with you when you leave the car.

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Are you handy with wiring? If so, buy a hardwire like I did and I removed the 12V map light above my rear view mirror and wired it directly to the wiring of the map light and now the dashcam is always recording and always on. I have left my car parked over a week with a 4 year old car battery and the car still started perfectly without hesitation, incase you were worried about draining your battery. This install looks clean and there is nothing else to worry about in terms of wires and you leave your cigarette lighter free to charge other things.

Any other questions feel free to message me. :grin:

Link for hardwire kit:

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Thank you very much for going out of your way to find these YouTube videos and then post them in here. I hadn’t even thought of checking on YouTube (because I’m something of a moron), so I really appreciate the links/videos. I’ll give them a look after I post this reply and see if they might help me with my CR-V’s situation.

Thanks for the reply and the suggestions. I hadn’t thought of trying to use some sort of double-sided tape, so that might be something that will work for my situation. I’ll plan on coming back and posting an update and letting y’all know what worked for me, after I figure out what I’m actually going to do.

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I’m curious, are there any significant/noticeable differences between your C1 and your husband’s C1 Pro? Is the video quality better on one than it is on the other? Are there any important/helpful features that one has and the other doesn’t?

As for viewing the videos on your computer, is it as simple as just copying the recorded video files from the Micro SD card over to your computer’s hard drive? And do you know what format the recorded video files are in?

Thanks for the response and the information. It looks like I will likely need a high endurance card, being that I live in Arizona. I actually live in a small town called Payson, which is about an hour and-a-half north of the Phoenix Metro area, but I work down in Scottsdale, which is in the Phoenix area, so my vehicle, and the dashcan, will be spending several hours down in the Phoenix heat 3-4 days a week during the summer heat. Plus, even though, Payson, where I live, is around 5,000 feet elevation, we still see temps of around/over 100 sometimes, so a high endurance card would seem to be necessary for my use.

Thanks for letting me know about this hardwire kit, as I hadn’t thought about that being an option. And thanks for posting the Amazon link, as that’s not a bad price at all (only $12) for something that can be so helpful.

I’m curious, though, how easy/difficult was it for you to connect this hardwire kit to the map light power wires in your vehicle? I read some of the reviews and it sounds like you’re supposed to connect that hardwire kit to a fuse block (I believe), but that would take a lot more wire (and effort to hide the wires to the fuse box) than it would to just connect this kit to the power source at the map lights.

Was it simple to connect the hardwire kit plug to the power wires for the map lights? Did you have to splice the map light wires? Or were you able to somehow plug thishardwire connector kit plugs directly in to something for your map lights? I hope this isn’t too confusing to understand. If you wouldn’t mind replying again when you get a chance and elaborating a little more on how exactly you connected this hardwire kit to your map light’s power source, I would really appreciate it!

By the way, I finally got a pop-up message that explained how to multi-quote messages, so, sorry for posting so many individula replies before this one. :blush:

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Yes, I used a quick splice connector and connected the hardwire kit to the positive and the negative I just used a screw that was screwed into the frame of the car already that was holding the map light to the car and that was sufficient for my black negative wire. As for the fust just use an In-Line Fuse to avoid having to piggy back off a fuse from the fuse block which is way too far and a hassle to get to. An inline 5 Amp fuse would be sufficient to power the dashcam, and protect it from any possible surges in power.

Quick Splice

In-Line Fuse

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Hey, thank you very much for replying to my post so promptly and for hooking me up with the Amazon links to the Quick Splice and In-Line Fuse items. I really appreciate it!

I’m thinking about just mounting my C1 Dashcam and hooking it up to the cigarette lighter with the wire hanging down, for the time being, so that I can start using it. I actually saw a minor car crash earlier today (a small pickup truck pulling a trailer full of long 2x4s started fishtailing on the highway and ended up jackknifing in to the guardrail - nothing serious and no injuries, from what I could tell, but definitely scary, stressful and sad to see happen to someone), so it made me want to start using my dashcam ASAP. I will be sure to come back and post an update after I actually get my C1 installed and working.

And thanks again for all of the replies, links and suggestions. I really appreciate the efforts to try to help, y’all!

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Yeah that will work too. If you ever decide ri hardwire let me know! Id like to see how it comes out! :grin:

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Who said that the hubby got the Pro? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Some differences between C1 vs Pro … 1) Pro’s on button isn’t as sensitive to turning itself on if barely touched… you actually have to hold it down for a couple seconds. 2) Pro has the audible … meaning the assistant comes on to tell you that it’s recording, disconnected, etc. This is one feature that I do love with it. 3) Pro’s quality is a bit better, probably because the sharpness level is set higher? I find that the C1’s video tends to be a bit soft.

First off, you can download the Roav app to tweak settings and download the video clips to your phone. But I don’t find myself using it much. I prefer to just import/view the footages on my iMac. The app is great if you want to get the footage off quickly to send out. To view the footage, you just have to insert the microSD card into your computer (with card reader if needed), open up the card and there should be a folder named RO (contains videos taken with Parking Monitor on or manually locked) then there are other footages that are videos that were looped. To save it, you can basically just drag it to an external hard drive or wherever you want. The recorded video file shows up as mp4 on my iMac.

Hope I’ve answered all your questions and this helped. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for taking the time to reply and for the feedback. It definitely helps and I really appreciate it!

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