Roav C1 Dash Cam switch on WiFi without using screen?

Just got a Roav C1 Dash Cam. I’ve installed it and I chose it as had WiFi for getting videos easier off it rather than removing the SD card all the time.

However do you have to switch on the WiFi via the touchscreen initially? It’s just the angle it’s at now makes it awkward. Is there not a way, a shortcut maybe, using the power button to switch it on?

I’m thinking maybe 3 short presses on there physical power button or similar?


No shortcut as far as I am aware. The WIFI is for transferring and/or accessing when your not driving and off the windshield.

Ok wonder if this could be built into firmware. I agree not when driving, but then the Roav didn’t record anyway when in WiFi mode, so would be pointless as such anyway.

It’s purely for the convenience factor. I don’t really want to have to keep removing it to switch on WiFi to then get videos I want and also format the SD in case of any locked files.


Unfortunately, there is no shortcut.

I regret to say that for Roav C1, the wifi needs to be turned on manually every time you need it (menu>wifi>on). I understand that it is a little inconvenience. Since Anker always cares about customers experience, we improved it in our Roav C1 pro. For C1 pro, once the wifi is turned on, the wifi will always keep on until it is turned off manually.

If you have further issue, you are welcomed to contact us via Have a nice day.

Got some footage today, didn’t realise how slow the transfer was going to be over WiFi…I ended up removing the SD and copying it direct on a computer

Little disappointed in this as I was hoping to be able to get some footage off a lot more easily than having to remove the SD.