Roav Bolt

I was extremely giddy when I opened up the iconic ROAV orange and white packaging. I was very impressed with the box and packaging and how it opened. The build quality of the charger is incredible. It’s well built, feels heavy and sturdy. Now for the purpose of this review, I have an Essential PH-ONE, I have a few google assistants at home and am fairly familiar on how to use it.

Whats in the box? Roav Bolt,3.5mm aux cord, and some reading material.

Install: Set up was a breeze. Turn on Bluetooth, select the Roav Bolt from available bluetooth options. Follow the screen prompts on your phone and voila, you’ll hear a few audible tones to test the connection.

First impression after install: I felt the USB ports on the side are very awkward. I know every car is different, but my 12v cigarette lighter outlet is more on the dashboard imbedded into a compartment then near the transmission/cup holders. So when the usb charger sticks out at a right angle into the side, I can really only use the top USB port.

Bolt in use: “Okay, Google” or “Hey, Google” turns the mic on into listen mode. I tried a few basic commands that I had typically used before. “What’s the temperature outside” - In Grayslake, the current temperature is 56 degrees. Seemed to work well. “Okay, Google - Open Waze” - it opened Waze quickly without confusing the Google Assistant on my phone. “Okay, Google - Play. “Okay, Google - Turn the Entryway to Cool, Set the Entry way to 70 degrees”.

Now here are my gripes, besides the USB placement. My phone charges very slowly. I am used to the Anker PowerDrive Speed 2 which produces 39W and quick charges my Essential PH-1. Now I’m getting a slow charge with 24W and a 12W max per slot, and am a little disappointed by the lack of speed.There is also a Google Assistant button on the top, once pressed it will tell you what time it is. I do not like this feature, I wish it would just listen for a command instead of saying “Okay, Google” or maybe have a shortcut or something that could be customized.

I was lucky enough to win this in the Anker Community, I love testing program. I love having the Google Assistant hooked up to the car, but before I had my Android Phone, which I could theoretically do the same things. With the PD Speed 2 I could at least quick charge my phone. So, would I purchase this? Probably not, but I am going to test it for the next few weeks and months and continue to monitor how I feel on it. Today, I found out that I have a cigarette outlet in my armrest and one in the back seat, I am going to try to put the Bolt in one of those spots, where I can still use the PD Speed 2 and get my quick charge. I call that a win win!

Ampere screenshot using PowerDrive Speed 2:

Ampere screenshot using Roav Bolt:

EDIT: Added screenshots from Ampere.

Also, wanted to add that I am now using the BOLT in the 12V charger located in my armrest. So far it is working great! Only gripe is that I have to be on Bluetooth to use any commands, whereas before I could tell my phone to Open Waze, Call Someone - things that would normally work while listening to the radio or something. But, hey now I get to quick charge my phone and use the BOLT. I would hope to see a PD/Quick Charge Bolt for their second version though! Cheers! Please let me know if you have any questions!



Review looks good! I don’t know if mine will work too well on iOS :confused:. I guess only time will tell


Awesome review and photos buddy

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Nice review @Quinn_Armstrong

Were you able to get the responses timely from Google Assistant (GA) via Bolt

How was your experience with the AUX ports?

Did it play music when you asked GA with the command “Hey Google, Play music”, what response did you hear?

Also were you able to route voice calls via Bolt?

Excuse me for a long list of questions, hope you dont get mad at me :smiley:


Nice review and pics!! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Great review and pictures. Seems like you were not having issues at least software-wise. Let’s hope it continues like that.

This is the reason why I didn’t participate in the Powerdrive 2 alloy

Thanks for sharing your experience, @Quinn_Armstrong! Great review; definitely giving Roav a few areas to focus on for improvement.

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I’ve read a couple reviews here saying they can press the button to ask questions. Wonder why it doesn’t prompt you to ask instead of telling the time. Maybe the next major software update can fix some issues for everyone

Great review @Quinn_Armstrong thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

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I love the questions.

I have not used the aux cords, since I don’t have an aux cord in my car. I’m sure it would work just as well or even better than Bluetooth.

When I say “Okay, Google - Play Music” It will open up Spotify and play whatever I had playing before. I believe there are settings in the Google Home App where you select your preference for playing music.

If I wanted to play something on Pandora or Google Play Music, I would just have to directly tell the GVA to play it on that source.

Calling was a breeze, “Hey Google, Call Wifey or Voicemail” it will initiate the call instantly.

As far as delays, you don’t have to pause or wait to say your command. In other words, you don’t have to say “Hey Google” and wait for it to wake up and then say your command. You can say it all at the same time. Very responsive.

Hope that answers them! let me know if you think of others.

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Thanks for your responses :thumbsup:

Your Essential Phone with Android just rock & rolls with the Bolt :slight_smile: I didn’t have the same percentage of success as you (tested both iOS and Android),

Yeah, it’s nice to run pure android with the latest updates.

my bolt keeps reminding me that I can press the button to listen to my notifications or tell me that I can press the button any time to stop the assistant from talking. Its annoying and I can’t figure out how to turn this off. @AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial is there a way to turn this off?

I only use the buttons to see what notifications went off or to shut the voice off.