Roav Bolt Won't Play Individual Songs & News Via Voice Command

When you say “Hey Google, play ___ by ____” the Roav Bolt (2 days old in my case) will say “OK, now playing ____” and then just sit there silent. If you tell it to play the news, same thing. Silence after it says “OK, playing the news.”

If you manually find the song and play it on your phone, it will play fine.

If you have a playlist of songs and say “Shuffle my ____ playlist,” it will play fine.

All other commands work perfectly.

Any music service is at fault (Pandora, Google Music, Spotify).

Numerous people are reporting this bug as seen here:

The Roav bolt is an embarrassment to anker/Roav. It wasn’t ready for release, and never should have been released so soon. They should have spent a few more months developing it to get out all of the kinks and bugs.

My best recommendation to you is (sadly) to return it.