Roav bolt won't connect using aux

When I try to set up my bolt with my truck using aux it fails every time, I was able to use the bolt by connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker of mine. I have tried with a different cat and I get the same problem, I need to use aux because my truck does not have Bluetooth. The phone I’m using is a Mate SE.

Please open a ticket with Roav Support - some of these are known cases.

Roav support should get back to you with steps to resolve.

@Yurai_Clem To address your concern, we just received a Beta firmware upgrade from Google which mainly fixing the issue with the Mate SE. Please go ahead and upgrade the firmware to to see whether it make any difference.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us @ if you have any further concern.

I also have the same issue with Aux on a Huawei Mate 9. How do I get this fixed?

I have the same problem with my Mate 10 pro. With the new Google update the problem ist still there.
Is there a new solution?

Having the same problem with aux not working on my Huawei Mate 20 Pro help

I’m having the same problem with a Huawei P20-Lite running EMUI 8.0. I get to the “connect via AUX” step and the BOLT will not connect and keeps prompting me to retry. To verify it is not a hardware problem, I used a Nokia 7.2 to successfully setup the Bolt and use it in my car. In the process I also updated the firmware on the Bolt. Unfortunately, the Nokia 7.2 is not the phone I intend to use with the Bolt. So I cleared the Bolt’s binding (long-press for 12+ seconds), and went back through the binding process with the P20-Lite. Unfortunately, it gets stuck at the same step (connect via AUX). I even updated Google Assistant on the P20-Lite and it didn’t help the situation. The car I’m using it in (2008 Honda Civic) only has an AUX port and no Bluetooth capabilities. I’ve already filed a support ticket and am waiting to hear back from Anker. Hopefully they can resolve this issue. Otherwise, I’ll be expecting a refund.

Here’s the response I received from Anker support:

To address your concern, the HUAWEI device can only work with the Bluetooth connection at this stage. We have reported the issue to Google, and our engineering team is currently working on this case to improve this feature.

Without additional information, it would appear that if you have a HUAWEI phone and want to use the AUX port connection method (like me), you are out of luck. It’s not clear whether this is a Google issue or an Anker issue and there is no time-line offered for when it might be addressed. So basically, buyer beware! I would not recommend purchasing this device if you own a HUAWEI phone unless your car already has Bluetooth support and you can connect using that method.

Too bad Anker hasn’t been upfront with the community about this (apparently) known issue.