Roav Bolt with Google Assistant announce today


The Roav Bolt looks looks head and shoulders more appealing and pleasing on the eyes compared to whatever the hell that thing that JBL announced is.

The top of it reminds me a little of the ZOLO Mojo.

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Will spotify be missing in this too. Its been 1-1.5yrs since launch of roav viva? :cry:

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Nope for this time. Bolt will support Spotify. :grin:


kidding/notkidding :joy: :unamused:


May i ask y alexa doesnt get spotify n google does? :no_mouth:

I already have viva in the car. If i have bolt in the car. Can anker handle it. Will it play nice and coexist together using the same mobile?

When will this be available for order in the UK?

The preorder page is hard-coded to US only in the section for entering your address.

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Sorry to burst your bubble but the Roav Bolt does NOT work with Spotify.

I’ve just bought one and although everything else works well when I ask it to play Music it says “I can’t play songs from Spotify yet.”

Yes I’ve set Spotify up as the default music player in Assistant.

There’s plenty of threads where others are saying the same thing - Spotify DOES NOT work with the Roav Bolt.


Can I use it to answer a handsfree call?

I use a Huawei Mate 10 pro and I’m not able to connect to Roav Bolt with aux but it works with the same Phone with Bluetooth in another car.

@AnkerOfficial is spotify avail on bolt?

Hi @alextoh, currently, the spotify is only available on bolt for android system.