ROAV Bolt Review in 07 Acura MDX

I recently received a Bolt to test (thanks Anker) and its help build some tech life into our 12 year old car and our iPhone 6S Plus running iOS 12

We have a 07 Acura MDX with Rear Seat ent unit (unused for over 7 years since the kids are now older).
The fit for the plug was a little tight due to the location of the 12V port in the MDX and had to angle it just right to get the headphone jack in.

Had to use a AUX cable (bluetooth audio is not supported on our car) to the back of the center console where the Aux input is and gets in the way of the rear passengers leg room… – update bought a right angle RCA cable from Amazon and its reduced the issues with the cables getting stuck in passenger legs.
Paired both the ROAV Bluetooth devices on our iPhone

For the most part, i can use Google to play messages, call for directions…

Have to initiate music directly on my phone and then it plays through the ROAV/AUX in on the car (which is a huge bonus as i had never used the AUX in on this Car in the last 10+ years of ownership) and used to listen to Radio or the few CDs i had in the changer…

Can’t launch Pandora or apple music using voice commands (will be useful), have to launch the app, play the music and then i can use OK google to skip tracks.

Also had to delete my Bluetooth Paring between the phone and car so the phone calls can be answered through the same setup, just have to figure out the best way to answer the call as if i answer on the phone, it always pops up with a selection of what to route audio too (phone, speaker or Bluetooth…)

Like it a lot. unfortunately we have another older car (08 Mercedes E350) which does not have an AUX in (only iPhone 30 pin) and it would be a challenge to get this unit installed in there…

Wish someone made a plug in CarPlay / Android Auto adapter for the older cars :wink:


Thanks for the review, please try to include some photos and / or videos on how the Bolt performs. That will be helpful.

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Nice review :thumbsup:

Well written.
But all here like to see some photos being added.

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Nice review. As others pointed out, it’s easier to see what you are talking about with some pictures


thanks for the replies. Will go back and get some pics from the car and update…

Nice review :ok_hand:

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Nice review. For your older car ROAV makes the Smart Charge F2 and F3 that will connect non AUX supported vehicles using your car radio. It works great and you can connect your car that way and still connect the Bolt and use it.

I use both in my car and it works great!

Thanks for the reply. i did look at the Smart Charge F2. it requires that the car have 2 12V ports and i don’t have 2 ports in the car unless i hack one somewhere in the back of the car…

Only other option i have is a 120V port in the center console.

i updated the post with some pics. hope that helps… thanks for the feedback

I cannot get the calls routed to Bolt (even though it shows up on the list of devices). Can you share your trick :slight_smile:

i paired both the bluetooth profiles from ROAV to the Phone and answer on the phone and select ROAV for the endpoint… calls then come through the AUX speaker… the MIC on the unit is powerful enough to pick up my voice …

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I did the same but got no sound from Aux. This is very weird. Will try again in the evening. Thanks for your input :thumbsup:

Thanks for adding the pics :slightly_smiling_face:

Neither could I get the calls routed to Bolt…

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@AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial should really have to create Informative videos on how to setup, pair, Aux port use, Google Assistant setup, Command usage and response times… This is completely lacking causing more confusion for users…

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I’m glad you said that. It is driving me nuts. Why are calls not routing through Bolt if the music plays fine?
I’ve asked support and they forwarded it to tech team.
One thing they told me is that the most current firmware ver is 0.5.16 but mine is at 0.5.14 (it auto updated when I installed it on saturday). Will check again if there is an update available and it does anything new.

The latest news is we’ve already prepared the setup video. It’s under the final review and should be released soon.

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Excellent news!! Thanks @AnkerOfficial

Hi guys, I know I’m a little late to this discussion BUT I might have a little insight?

I just bought the Roav Bolt! Then realized I needed a 2nd (cigarette) outlet & vehicle (1 of 2) has no aux or Bluetooth. Easy enough fix, went to AutoZone & purchased an inexpensive multiple power outlet adapter. (Turned 1 outlet into 3). Sticking with Roav, I purchased the Smart Charge F3. Now I finally got to experience all of the awesomeness Google Home has to offer me at home but in my car, & then some! There are definitely some awesome features that Google has brought to my car that even the (multiple speakers, multiple room setup of) Google Home doesn’t offer at my house!
ANYWAYS -moving on to our similar problem…
I received a phone call while (finally so happily just) listening to my music. When I pressed the button on my Bolt to answer the call, it did answer, as my phone showed I was connected but I couldn’t hear anything?! All of this anticipation & I finally have the Bolt & now this?! So I called back & on my phone changed the input from 1 of the connected Roav’s to the other AND TADA I could hear the person on the other end!
Here’s my thought, go into your Bluetooth options for each Roav & there should be 3 options - phone calls, contacts & media. Maybe uncheck 1 of them for phone calls? I’ve yet to try it out BUT seeing as today in order to even hear the person on the other end of the phone call- I had to switch from 1 (which exact Roav it was automatically answered by I’m unsure, cuz I was driving lol) of my 2 Roav connections. I could of changed it to my phone’s speaker, my phone’s handset, my Roav Smart Charge F3 (wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter) & my Roav Bolt (Google Home in my car).

Anyways I hope this helps!

If I allow someone to borrow my car & they connect their phone to both of my Roav’s (in order to work they must do as I did above, connect to both the FM transmitter & the bolt) and sign into the Roav Charger app ON MY SAME ACCOUNT, can I track where my vehicle is? Like where it is parked? Is it possible to “track” my vehicle (Roav Smart Charge F3)?
Does this make sense? I’m trying to ensure my nephew is going where here says he really is going? Can someone please reply & let me know if it’s possible to track the location of my vehicle/device when I am not near it?