ROAV BOLT! On Facebook, US Only

Found this on facebook this morning! Good Luck y’all!


Thanks Bro.

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Thanks for sharing

I’m really excited for this! I LOVE my Roav Viva!

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@TheCharneco YESSSSS! That is exactly what I want to hear! Yesterday I pre-ordered the Bolt so I am really excited about getting it! What do you like about the Viva? I have an iPhone and can use Siri but I am in California and if they (coppers) see me holding the phone then BAMMMMMM! I am getting a ticket! I think $49.99 is much cheaper than a first violation of up to $150 bucks

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Awesome!!! Can’t wait to hear how you like this. The Viva is great! I reviewed it almost a year ago on YouTube if you want to watch:

I have Alexa all over my house, so it was pretty natural moving her to the car. When driving I listen to music or the news. It’s amazing to just turn the car on, hear it connect, and just say, “Alexa, play …”. I’ve been listening to SiriusXM a lot lately. I also use it to control the lights in the house if I’m coming home late or left a light on, listen to my flash briefing, and add stuff to my shopping list that I forgot to add at home. I use it with the kids to play games, get answers to thing I can’t google while driving, or just finally play the song they’ve been begging me to play.

I recently got some Google Home devices and really like the smart Google assistant! I think this is going to be a great addition to the car!

Voice calls happen hands-free. Directions do require you to interact with your phone, but it gets everything ready to go on the back end, so you just have to unlock the phone and hit go in your desired maps app. As far as I know, the Viva can’t make texts, but you can send messages through Alexa. I imagine it might be the same with Google?

If you want to know anything else specifically about the Viva, let me know! I wouldn’t be surprised if this does mostly the same thing as the Viva.

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@TheCharneco Just saw your review on the tube and it was awesome! Now I am sitting here impatiently waiting for my Bolt to arrive, which unfortunately will be sometime after April!!! Thank you very much!


Haha! Thanks! If it’s like the Viva, you’ll be really pleased with it! :smiley:

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This is really cool.

Great find man! :+1:

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I came here to inquire when we might see the Roav Bolt pre-orders begin shipping, but @dicejedi already seemed to clarify that it won’t be until sometime after April. I will continue to try and be patient. How do we know if we’re some of the first two-hundred pre-orders? I could almost certainly use an extra USB-C cable… those old micro-USB cables are littered everywhere, but still making the adjustment to USB-C devices and don’t have the inventory that I’d be comfortable with. A couple came with the built in chargers that Pixel phones ship with, but that’s hardly enough for the various places I want my devices to live and be able to be charged.

That and I carry around the super short USB-C cable that came with my tiny Anker battery backup power device in the case I bought to go with it: (Anker PowerCore 13000 C)