Roav Bolt Not Responding to Commands

So, I just bought the Roav Bolt, paired it with my Note 8, and the Bolt updated it’s firmware. When I say “OK Google” there is a delay, and I understand that is a current known issue. My problem is that it acts like it’s listening but when I speak commands to it, it does nothing and eventually the lights just turn off. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot?



Please capture a video of the actions / commands and email it to Roav Support Team : / open a case with them

This product is still new and will have some hiccups till it stabilizes.


Seems like a few people who ordered it are having issues. Let’s hope Anker can fix this

Just got my Roav Bolt today from pre order after it was already available at best buy. That’s 1 strike, it does not respond to google strike 2. Same issues as everyone else. My question is why release a product that doesn’t work. Get it together Roav. Get that firmware update out quick.

Hope @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical are listening :ear:

Do reach out to Roav Support

I had very high hopes for the bolt but I did cancel my pre-order and feel like I dodged a bullet! I am waiting for all of these bugs to be fixed before making the purchase because I still want it, but not as it is now!

Did you get a choice of cables? The deal was the first 200 pre-orders of the bolt would get a cable of choice… Just out of curiosity what did Anker offer up?

@shileski Please try below steps to see whether it can fix the issue very quickly.

  1. Check if the mobile phone network is good;
  2. Check if the APP version is the latest version;
  3. Check if there is any other voice assistant software in the background, except for the assistant, kill it and try again (for example Waze map also comes with voice assistant function);
  4. Please give the voice command before you hear the “Beep” sound and see if the voice control will work better.

@shileski Please feel free to email us @ if you have any further concern.

You have to make sure that your are running the latest version of the Google app. You may even need to make sure that you opt in to the beta updates in order to get all the features before everyone. I updated to the most recent beta and all the features work.


To be specific, it has to be the Latest version of Google Assistant

No, the Google app is all I updated

Let me first say I own many of ankers products. I preordered the bolt. I finally just went to bestbuy cause I needed a car charger for my trip. I’m still having an issue like the person above. I also have a note 8. Sometimes it does seem to work but its insanely delayed and super slow. Talking like 20 seconds. Any ideas everything is updated I have never used wayz on this phone.

Seems like Samsung and OnePlus are two phones that have big issues. The OnePlus with the lock screen, the ROAV Bolt becomes unresponsive until you unlock the screen (over and over). No help from either camp or even Google.

I have a OnePlus 6T and both the Roav Viva and the Roav Bolt. The Viva is far more reliable than the Bolt. I hardly ever use the Bolt anymore since it always responds, “Something went wrong.”

I did notice that if I connect to the Bolt, turn the powersaver feature of my phone off, and unlock the lock screen the Bolt will sometimes work. I wish it worked as well as the Viva as I do not have to do either to get it to work properly.

Hopefully, Google/Anker can come up with a fix.

No progress has been made. Basically I tagged it as a safety issue, and until they fix it, it is an overpriced car adapter.

We have and they (support) no longer responds. You have my money and it’s my problem that it does not work with the OnePlus 6T.

I hear you, what was the last response from Anker Roav Support?

They (ROAV/Anker support) were going to talk with Google, but they (Anker/ROAV) did not know how to communicate with OnePlus. I would have to say that Google should be able to interface with OnePlus to help resolve the issue.

This is going to sound very negative but it looks like the Bolt just has way to many bugs and was never really ready for distribution… a beta straight to the customer instead of testing phases.