Roav Bolt No Longer Connecting to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Over the last few days my Roav Bolt has gotten more difficult to pair and connect to my Note 8. Normally all I have to do is unplug the bolt and it would pair up or manually pair through settings.

Then this afternoon it stopped completely pairing. I tried unpairing and repairing. It now asks for a password to pair. the two suggested options don’t work.

I tried following reset instructions I found for a similar issue and I can’t figure out how to remove the device from Google Assistant. From what I can tell it may not even be listed in the assistant anymore.

Before I contact support I thought I would ask here. How do I do a full factory reset and if I need to do a firmware update how do I go about doing that.

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Am sure you may have tried, but try forgetting the device on Bluetooth … I tried this along with uninstalling the Google Assistant app on my iPhone and was able to re-add it. Took me some trial and error steps to get this work. Not sure if this will help on Android / Samsung but worth a try.

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when you deleted the assistant app did you loose all your settings for your other devices?

No, after deleting and reinstall, was able to delete then Bolt from the Google Assistant. Other devices showed fine. No issues there.

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Ill try that tonight.

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Hate to see people having issues with the Roav Bolt. I better stay away from it

I agree. Once it gets polished then I’ll make the purchase.

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it looks like update some Google Apps and updating Samsung patches I was able to get it to reset and pair again. It seems to be working. I am about run around town. I will see if the issues continue.

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That’s great news!! Do keep the update posted :thumbsup: