Roav Bolt makes my phone stop responding to ok google

When I delete Roav Bolt from my phones google assistant devices it works as expected answering to ok google, but when I add the device roav bolt it stops responding to ok google on my phone. My phone is an LG V20. It will not answer to ok google or hey google weather I am connected to the roav bolt or not. Even with the roav bolt unplugged, simply having it listed as a device in my google settings stops my phone from working properly. I have deleted this device (roav bolt) for now so I can use my phone with ok google, but I am hoping a firmware update can fix this issue so I can use my roav bolt as well.

Same issue with my ZTE Axon 10 Pro. When connected to the bolt with and aux cable to the car BT audio passes through, but Ok Google and the button on the bolt will not activate the Google Assistant.