ROAV Bolt keeps failing

I’ve now gone through two ROAV Bolt units which have done the same thing and now will per up but can no longer be paired, and seem to just keep restarting themselves.

The first unit I bought about six or so months ago, and used it on my Moto G7. From time to time it would seemingly restart for no reason, but more or less behaves itself.

A few weeks ago I bought a Moto G Power, and it continued to work, but one day it started making weird, barely Audible noises through the car stereo, and after that it would no longer pair. So, I bought a replacement from a completely different retailer at a completely different location, and now within two weeks or so, it’s done exactly the same thing.

Both have been plugged directly into the main cigarette lighter in my 2016 Hyundai Elantra, and connected through an AUX cord to my stereo. Midway through owning the second one, I decided to plug it into the secondary lighter just on the off chance something was wrong with the other unit. It failed while connected to the other outlet. I’ve had a cigarette lighter to USB power adapter plugged into it for ages, and I would have expected it to have also failed were there an electrical problem.

I’ve removed both adapters from my phone’s Bluetooth settings, I’ve reset both adapters, and it’s made absolutely no difference.

Has anyone here for any ideas?

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Hi @SciFiSurfer,

If you are using the Android device, please make sure you are using the latest official Google app to connect with your Roav Bolt.

For the setup issue, please try the following steps to see if the issue can be solved:

  1. Confirm the LED is flashing blue, if not, reset bolt (long press the button 12s)
  2. Which step did you fail during the setup process? If possible, could you please take a video or a screenshot?
  3. If the setup step is not popped up, please check if the network is stable. If the network is working fine, please try to restart the phone.
  4. Update the app to the latest version, please provide us the Google app version number.

If the issue still persist, please contact We look forward to your reply :slight_smile: