Roav Bolt - A Welcome Addition

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I was excited to be selected to test the Roav Bolt as a part of the “We Love Testing” event. I received my item a bit early which gave me some extra time to use it and during these last two weeks I have really enjoyed it! Previous to the bolt I have used google home devices in my home, so I was well acquainted with the google assistant in those forms. Also, I have used Android phones for several years, so I was familiar there as well. One thing that is interesting from my interaction with Roav Bolt are the ways I prefer it to the Roav Viva, the Alexa enabled car charger that Roav has been selling for some time. Here are my observations.

The orange and white packaging is as inviting as previous products and does not disappoint the Anker faithfuls who have become accustomed to their consistent standard of quality in packaging. Inside the package you find an impressive unfolding experience with images of the bolt in action. The contents of the packaging include a 3.5mm aux jack, the get started paperwork/manual, and the bolt inside of a foam type material embedded in the packaging itself. No corners were cut in the development of this product when it came to packaging. I imagine that very will be damaged in transit or the products set up itself will be frustrating in any way.

This is a straight forward product. To begin using it, all you need to do is plug it into a car port that is received power and it will turn on; no buttons need to be pressed to begin pairing or anything. If you are using an Android phone, all you need to do is pair in the bluetooth settings and follow the on-screen instructions. For iPhone, pair the bolt and then download the Google Assistant app, tap set-up in the app and you’re on your way. That’s it, you’re done and ready to use the bolt to your heart’s content.

In my use, I usually will ask quick questions and perform search inquiries with my google assistant. I use an iPhone nowadays so I am not relying on bolt for directions or music, although it works perfectly at both of those things. Interestingly though, Google Play music would not work with the bolt, but Apple Music did. Bolt worked with google maps (duh) and also with Apple maps. All in all, I found no issues with the bolt outside of the hit or miss results you may get from the google assistant, but that’s not the bolts fault. As the best virtual assistant gets even better, so your bolt will get even better!

If you were interested in a product recommendation, “should I get the Roav Viva or the Roav Bolt,” I would suggest the bolt without question on this fact alone, using google’s assistant is far and away better than using the app needed for the viva to function. I found that I was disconnected fairly often from my Viva, but with the bolt, I never lost connection between either my phone or my vehicles bluetooth connection.

The set-up is simpler in my opinion and google assistant is a superior virtual assistant, so it’s a no-brainer. Here’s to hoping Anker introduces more google assistant enabled-speakers alongside their existing catalog of Alexa-enabled speakers! A welcome addition to the smart-enabled offerings from Anker!


Nice review. I’m finding my bolt to be welcome addition to my car as well. The only real issue I have is it doesn’t always reconnect to my Note 8 when coming back to the car. It won’t even pair if manually try. I have to unplug the bolt and try again. Have you see this issue with iOS?

Nice review.

I have been experiencing issues with my bolt :confounded:. I’ll probably try a reset and then retry the pairing and such.

Glad you are enjoying your bolt!

Beware guys. Bolt does not allow pairing to more that one device.

In other words if you share the car with your partner, when they drive the car and want to use bolt , the device needs to be reset and re-paired with another phone.

Give that all cars come with 2 sets of keys why roav could not figure out how to retain multiple paired devices in its memory.

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That’s a good question. It may have to do with the fact that if you both get in the car at the same time, the bolt won’t know what to do.

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Good point. However other manufacturers and even Anker models have figured this out.

Garmin Speak
JBL Link Drive
Roav viva

I am on the fence whether to return my roav bolt and stick with old good Garmin. Alexa is dummer but it does what it is supposed to do and smart enough to connect to the one out of two phones which is connected to car Bluetooth. No re-pairing required.

I suspect this issue could be Google OS related but supposedly JBL found a workaround or solution…


Good review! I’m glad you are not having issues like other users are. The Roav Bolt seems like a good product for those who use the assistant :thumbsup:
Btw, what are the charging speeds?

great review glad everything seems to be going well

Great review! From the comments above though it seems the bolt still has some issues… Wish they get it fixed soon so I can finally purchase one.

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Sorry you all have been experiencing issues. Thankfully, everything has been smooth sailing for me.

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Good review @thetonyclay thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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Nice review and phtotos! good job! :ok_hand:

How about the delay in responses. Did you see any?

Nice review! thanks for sharing.

Do let us know on the delays in response for Google Assistant commands

I don’t get any significant delays. At most it’s something 5 seconds, but it’s not like that the majority of the time.