Roar Viva Pro - Hands Free Call (which mic is used, how do you mute etc.)

Just purchased the pro - with the main hope of alexa and hands free enabling of my non smart car.
A bit confused on the use of the device with hands free calls. I can call a contact using

Alexa call [Person in my contact list]

I notice this actually dials my phone (not data VOIP) which is great. Sound comes through my stereo via FM (also great)

  • Which mic is being used? The device mic or is it using the phone mic in my pocket?
  • How do I mute? I would expect short or long pressing the mute button on the Viva would mute whichever mic is in use (like most bluetooth devices support). It seems to do nothing… Is the expectation I take the phone out of my pocket while driving to mute/unmute?
  • How do you hang up this alexa initiated call… ‘Alexa Hang up’ doesn’t seem to do anything

This seems like a nice device - but this calling scenario I am struggling with

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Have you tried pressing and holding the multifunction button for 1 second?

If I recall correctly, the Viva will pass all call handling to your phone, so your phone’s mic would be used and you would use the “mute” and “end call” buttons on your phone.