Ring holder for Phones

I’ve looked everywhere I can’t seem to find an Anker ring holder for the back of phones. Does anyone know if they make them or are planning to? I just know if they do I want a couple. Lol.


Not yet, but it were a good idea, i mean they make cases too and could make magnetic holder for exampel or car holder within a charger

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Personally, I don’t trust them.

Not seen any real proof of failure, but I just don’t trust them. lol

I have seen stuff using sticky pads fail before, and maybe that’s why?

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yes sticky pads re bad… but magnetic holders or with a clip?

I had a ring on my phone case because my son @Spike1109 gave me, but like you mentioned the sticky pad failed and I dropped my phone. Luckily olnly the tempered screen protector cracked and I just got a replacement. But, I did add a dab of super glue to it on an old case and its holding strong. Even works great with my Anker magnetic car dock

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I would use a pop socket of a ring of sorts, but they interfere with wireless charging. :sob:

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I have a Ring Holder on both of my phone cases and I don’t know i would live without them. Get the ones by Hummixx, they are the best, they come with 3M Tape that NEVER comes off. I have had the same one for about a year now, never had a problem. One of my favorite features is that you can use the Ring as a stand for your phone as well!

True, they do interfere with wireless charging, any metal on the back of your phone will. But if you get a case that’s one or two easy to separate pieces then it’s not difficult to take out to charge. I have a Mophie Battery pack case and a charger for it that work well together, but for me Wireless charging is overrated. First off it’s NOT Wireless charging when you still have to plug part into power. 2. It isn’t that fast and 3. I have yet to find one other than my Mophie where the phone isn’t constantly sliding off.

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Then you never used Ankers Powerwave stand, with my Galaxy s9+ it fast charges my phone almost as fast as it does when its plugged in. And my phone has never slid or fallen off it.

But you are right about metal interfering with wireless charging, but as you mentioned its not an issue of you have a case that easily can be separated.


OMG How funny you mentioned that, mine will be here tomorrow! I’m so glad it kicks ass like you’re saying! Thanks for the tip, I can’t wait to get mine now!!!

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Yea I use to not be a fan of wireless charging until I got one, and it has come a long way from its heydays. Now when j get home I just set my phone on it and forget it, when I leave I just grab and go and I have a full charge

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I’ve been using wireless charging stands and changing pads almost exclusively for the last 3 years and the convenience is out of this world.

I plop my phone down and pick it up, simple. I have them on my desk, night stand and elsewhere in the house and my office. It’s easier than plugging in and inductive charging is definitely the future.

Unfortunately bulky cases and objects adhered to the back of the phone get in the way, but hopefully this won’t be an issue in the future when the range on charging will be more than an inch. There are prototypes that charge up to 3ft away from the charging base, that’s what I want!

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right, it WAS a cool Idea, but i love my ring, I love my 6ft anker cable and my 4powerpoint anker plug. That being said, this latest round of Power User deals has their Power Wave wireless charger for a discount so…I bought it!

Agreed on most points. I feel like wireless chargers work best for people who maybe a nightstand next to the bed, because most won’t stand or the phone will slide of if left on one’s bed. Also that people who have jobs that sit at desks can get more use out of them. So I have a Mophie battery case and a Mophie wireless charging pad that does something NO other charging pad I have seen yet do, it is magnetic so the case sticks to it! SOOOOO KEEYYY! I also just ordered the PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand. Which I know isn’t as fast as the 7.5 but it was a Power User deal this week.

how do you fixed it in the car?

??? I have this at home, not in my car

I’ve seen some people use it, I don`t have it

It would be a good idea if Anker sold them

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yea what do you mean in the car??

oh oh you mean how do I mount it in the car? I have a Nekteck super magnetic strip that holds in and pretty much anything else. O there is an idea @AnkerOfficial, more good Anker style, meaning innovative, car mounts. I know you have some.