Ring doorbell 'gives Facebook and Google user data'

Not to anyone’s surprise, but it looks like Ring doorbells are packed full of 3rd party tracking software that send out names, IP addresses and mobile networks to 5 different companies.

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Nobody here will be surprised by those nice features!


`Anything made by amazon does this…

If j ever buy a video doorbell, I’ll get Eufy instead


Best decision! Keep it local is the best option

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I should get eufy doorbell at least for this reason.

I saw this earlier today. Its gives out a lot of user data. I think to at least 3 other 3rd party company. They also sell user data to help keep cost down on our side.

I’ve read in the past Ring isn’t all that secure and so we don’t use their products.

I assume most smart devices especially the budget friendly models do this since you can’t get anything for free. There’s always a cost.

I think Eufy will get more customers after this

I don’t think I would fully trust any manufacturer not to share/use information from connected devices which stores data remotely.

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Whats worse is that one of the Ring engineers said that they should shit it down because of all the ways they can be hacked and bypassed as well as sending userdata to third parties. Its crazy how unregulated this market is and it will only get worse.

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Are you all sure that EUFY cameras and doorbells DONT do this?:thinking:


I doubt if @AnkerOfficial will say anything related to this type issues.

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Thing that got me with it all is the fact that they shared videos to over 230 police agencies. I have no issues with it myself, but giving them access to people’s camera feeds without their knowledge is kind of messed up.

Good enough reason to get something OTHER than a Ring product