Right side of my Zolo Liberty+ not working

Was happily using the Zolo Liberty+ and then after a few runs the right side of the earbug was not working. Tried all possible methods but t didn’t work and no LED when taking it out from the holder unlike the left unit. Where can I claim warranty on it ? Thanks

Contact service@soundcore.com

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Are you certain the right earbud is getting a charge? Might be worth checking the charging pins are clean and free from debris…

As mentioned by @Tank if your still having issues reach out to support@anker.com or service@soundcore.com for assistance under your warranty…

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Yes, the right side was not working. Did the cleaning and all possible method to troubleshoot.

I’m also facing kinda same issue. After full charge the battery of my right bud drains out in 15 mins. I started facing this issue around 2-3 months back, with every passing day the battery was giving me less time. Now it only runs for 10-15 mins. In few days maybe it will not work at all. Poor Quality
I bought these headphone in Sept last year.