Right earbud loses charge

My right earbud is not holding a charge. When I put it in my ear it says battery high but within an hour it says battery low. Any ideas on what might be the issue…I did a reset which did not seem to help.

Which earbuds are these? How much longer does your left earbud hold charge?

I have the Liberty Air 2 earbuds…the left earbud holds the charge at least 5 hrs…The earbuds were purchased in Dec 2019.

Just to clarify then, when you connect to your phone do you see it drop much faster than your left?

I know might sound dumb but just making sure

Try to reset the headsets using this videoand then try to full charge the earbuds. Check if this helps.

Yes that is correct.

In that case see if a reset helps as @Shenoy mentioned. If not, you might want to email Soundcore at service@soundcore.com to see if they can help with it somehow