Right earbud dead


YES GUYS, no sound from the right side
after 2 months of use of my new zolo liberty+ my right earbud dead, i tried every solution on this support page/youtube/google etc and trust me this is the only way to “enjoy” my liberty+

you know using this trick the quality goes from 8/10 to 4/10
i have read in a lot of places about the same issue without solution and i really apologize about people who lose his money on this way

any last solution for the right earbud volume problem?(before i adquire the iconx thing)


pd: i tried to:
*restart from case
*kill the battery and charge
*clean with alcohol the mesh

See my fix Here
Sometimes just trying to clean the mesh wont help as the wax and other gunk clog up the sponge like material that is under the gold mesh screen


i removed everything and the music still sounds low, thanks zolo but this is a waste of time
good luck guys

Send an email to support@anker.com and explain. The trouble you are having, they do have a 18 month warranty so you should be covered

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@nazor112 don’t stress Anker takes care of it customers.

You should look at the Spirit X I have heard nothing but good things about them.

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i just was bad luck, i don’t know why but the right side just dead entirely, the problem is about im from chile and i pushase the thing from amazon(probably usa)
by the way anker is still making the best power banks

also i bought the samsung iconX 2018 and let me say the sound quality sucks comparing to liberty+

good luck guys

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