Right angle charging cables

Can we get some right angle charging cables. If I use my power bank in my bag I eventually break my cable on both the phone and the the power bank side. I love your braded cables but a right angle cable would be great. I’m suggesting a 1ft breaded right angle on both ends charging cable. It needs to fit in my bag. my 20000mAh and my iPhone 11plus are both the same size.


If you search the community, these have been requested multiple times… (or atleast i remember seeing them) …

May be @Ankerofficial can pass this to Anker Cable team

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I hope they eventually make them

Anker did announce them publically in January at CES. I’ve seen shipping the U bend type already, but not yet the right-angle. I see

  • U bent A to Lightning
  • U bent A to C
  • Right angle A to C
  • right angle C to Lightning.

That last one is almost what you asked for but its longer than 1ft, possibly may come in different lengths.



Image from above source:

There is also this on Amazon - source

![image|400x500] (upload://c75hAHKEfqTn6lEMmfeM2UItznz.jpeg) ![image|400x500] (upload://yofudz3ZocYo0mfAFJzXa7rrl49.jpeg)

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I think thePowerCore+ Metro 10000 is probably the closest thing Anker has for a right angle cable in stock.

I don’t think the right angle lightning they have would even work with most phone cases. Would need to leave a little more room for it to plu in and for a case to be there. At least that’s my opinion

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That’s a reason for testing, all the small details the designer forgot.

The perfect answer is the death of Lightning connector and USBC everything.

Then for Anker to make a Powercore USBC built-in right-angle cable, which can also it can recharge from, and a USBC socket for a longer cable situations.

You’d then have a perfect answer to everyone everywhere. Or would it?

My point is get products in testers hands as each of us contain part of the solution via feedback.

Even if the testing units weren’t real, we could try in our cases before making real units.

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Perfect, perfect would be no ports :crossed_fingers:

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Meet you half way?

A fast charging port you hardly ever need to use?

No port on anything should be other than USBC these days, so portless and USBC only. Lightning needs to end. As Apple support the slowest wireless some consumers may want to use wired when in a rush, or some other situations.

I don’t own a wireless charging phone but when I did I was able to not need wired.

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Those are great but I need right angles on both ends not just one end.

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Sorry but I’m not replacing my power brick for that a cable would be easier and cheaper.

:rofl: damn

True statement. Hopefully your suggestion gets heard!

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My short cables are Amazon Basics and EasyAcc as Anker has never made them. I think it’s their choice as cannot compete at price on these more entry level cables.

My Amazon Basics is a 6 inch C to C, it connects to my phone and a 10Ah Powerbank. Anker does make a 10Ah with built-in C cable but I’d still need a C cable to recharge it so waiting for the obvious product improvement for it’s cable to be its input.

If this product was C cable in+out and C port in+out then that’s the ideal product.


This would be great if I didn’t already own a power bank. But I have one that is working perfectly well. I just need the cables. The proper braided 1-3ft right angle on both ends. I am still really surprised

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The right-angle cables now showing up in UK. As far as I can tell their Lightning one end, choice of A or C other end, and 3ft and 6ft lengths.