How do i use my rewards on the items???

i have 3 rewards


I’m pretty sure you have to buy something from then I think for the $5 you have to buy something more then $15, $10 for $30 and so on, but correct me if I’m wrong.

You must buy the product from the anker website. Once you added the item to cart and go to checkout. The coupon that can be applied, you just tap on the one that you can and want to use. it will be applied to the balance. Just remember the coupon can’t be used on Amazon purchases only anker’s website

5 bucks can be used on any purchases
10 bucks is $49 and up
15 bucks is for 79 and up
And they have expiration dates, take advantage of them while you still can I think they coupons are good for roughly 3 months from the time you signed up for the rewards. This is info is for US customers. I’m not sure for other countries

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I use them for urgent items not on offer in Amazon.

On the products page, when you checkout in your cart, you will be able to.

Keep in mind that it is only valid for the Anker store, which means it will only work will the products that have a blue add to cart button, not on Amazon.


The best deal is if you can get something for just over $33.