Do the reviews of a product go away, vanish, or disappear when an upgraded version of the same product is released? This is huge.

I think it depends on if a new Amazon listing is created or not. If the company just updated the title of the existing listing with [New Version], I believe the reviews would remain. If, however, they decide to make an entire new listing, I think the reviews would be wiped out. Don’t quote me on it, because I’m not 100% sure.

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Ok, yeah sometimes it just has a blue banner across the corner that says upgraded, and sometimes it even changes appearance, adds a few new pictures/feature pictures

I agree it is huge, I have to read the text of the reviews to figure it out.

Yes I agree that it depends if the title changes, if there is an upgraded version I think they just count it as a new product depending or not if it is still being sold.