Reviews on Personal Blog Site

Having written reviews on Anker / Anker Sister brands and other few other company products, today have created my blog on my personal domain, going forward will use the blog site for reviews

Published / replicated my review from Anker Community for PowerWave+ Pad with Apple Watch Holder. Will add more in coming days… Keep watching the space.

It’s really interesting to setup the whole thing from scratch… buy the domain, email setup (not required for blogs - but useful when you own a domain :wink:), DNS updates, connecting to Blog site, … And more

URL for the the blog site :


Looks nice! Keep the reviews coming!

What software/website did you use to design this blog?


Great Review @cshenoy ! Love the blog!


Used the for the interim, developing my personal web server. Once this is completed will migrate it over.

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Cool. I used Wix to design my blog. Wix Isn’t the best, but I can use it for free, and I can blog from my phone.

I have 4 new anker products to review on my blog :grin:

I tested with Wix… There are some issues with sharing the article or permalink if you are on the free-tier… so moved the subdomain of my primary domain to Blogger

How much does blogger cost?

It’s free :smile: and simple, only thing that takes time is personalized URL link for blogs

Here is a link to my blog. It’s not the best, but it serves my purposes.

I will be creating 5-6 more reviews in the next few weeks. Let me know what you think!

P.s I designed the logo :grin:

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Awesome site, great logo. I do remember seeing your site sometime in March… :slight_smile:


Looking forward to future reviews :+1:


I agree… running your own website and domain is definitely a learning experience, but it’s really cool once you have everything working together! :grin:

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nice review @cshenoy

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