Reviews are on the way for several products and I'm looking for some suggestions

I’ll be doing some tests and creating video reviews for the following Anker products below. I wanted to ask if anyone had any input for something that might be fun or silly to test out or a key feature that might be good to call out. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see or hear about in the upcoming reviews!

Items to be reviewed:
Nebula Prizm Projector
Soundcore Life 2 Headphones
eufy Smart Scale C1
Anker PowerPort Power Strip (12 Outlets)

Thanks for the input!



I’d be interested to see how video games look and perform on the Prism and whether they’re is any noticeable lag or delay :slight_smile:


Great call! I’ll hook up my Switch to it. It’ll be fun playing Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros on a bigger scale!


Awesome! I’ll look forward to hearing about your findings on it :grin:


I want a picture of you wearing the headphones while standing in the scale projecting yourself into the power port strip, lol. You said silly so there ya go


:joy::confused: Oh lord have mercy…

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Always knew you were a freak​:sunglasses::joy:


HAHAHA! Challenge accepted! However, I’m not unplugging the power port. Everything is so well organized now and it looks clean and awesome. I’ll use the box instead. :wink:


Can’t wait. Some of these products I’m interested in.

I have a hand full of published reviews and 3 or 4 items I need to write reviews up as well. Hope to share them on here over the next few months (I just don’t have a lot of time at the moment:disappointed:disappointed)

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Life majorly gets in the way! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a relaxing weekend so I can get all these reviews 100% finished. I’ll post back on here once they’re live.

I would like to see more reviews of the solar panels!

Yeah, I’ve wondered how well they work. The one that clips to your hiking bag looks awesome and a great way to keep everything fully charged while on the move. If I had one I would review it.

Soundcore Life 2 delay watching Netflix, HBO, Amazon on TV or mobile units.


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The Soundcore Life 2 Christmas Gift Set is everything you need in one box. In addition to what usually come with the noise-cancelling Soundcore Life 2 headphones (travel case, micro-USB cable, Aux cable), included is an airplane cable adapter, an Anker PowerLine+ micro-USB cable, a high quality AUX cable, and an Anker PowerCore 5000 battery. The headphones fold flat in the travel case with a mesh pocket for the cables. Everything is well protected.
The headphones were partially charged when they arrived, so charging to full capacity did not take long. After the charging light changed, I was able to pair the bluetooth connection with both my iPad mini 4 and iPhone X. The pairing process was almost instantaneous.
I had the opportunity to put the headphones to a real test this week as I traveled from Baltimore to New York by train. I had downloaded several Netflix movies to my iPad, and that was how I passed the time. The leather covered ear cushions were very comfortable to wear for the entire time. Sound quality was excellent. The noise-cancelling capability blocked out almost all surrounding noise. I was just barely able to hear the conductor announcements (which was a good thing!) for each stop.
One of the highlights of my stay in New York was attending an Andrea Bocelli concert. On the way home, I spent some of the time listening to his music on my iPhone. The highs, the lows, the total sound, was excellently reproduced using the headphones. I couldn’t be more pleased.
I haven’t used a set of noise-cancelling headphones since an early Bose version, and I can honestly say that the Soundcore are much better than those.
Wonderful value at a great price!