Review: Wireless Charging - Ultra Slim Wireless 5 Pad and 10w Wireless Charging Stand

This review covers both the “Ultra Slim Wireless 5 Pad ($13.99)” and the “10w Wireless Charging Stand ($17.99)” made by Anker. Let’s start with what I like about both products:


At $13.99 for the 5w and $17.99 for the 10w, I’m not sure why you would look any further. The competitors charge more money and take longer to charge (see what I did there? :smirk:), and lack the rock-solid customer support of Anker.

##Charging Speeds As Advertised

The Ultra Slim charges at just over 5w:

And the 10w stand charges at about 9.5w, though my phone does have a metal plate on the back and a case on. My Galaxy S9+ that I was using reported that it was “fast wireless charging” as soon as I put it on the stand.

##Micro USB Input

Both of these chargers use micro USB input, and they each come with the micro usb cord, making connection very easy.

##What I like about the Ultra Slim Wireless 5 Pad

It’s SLIM! Look at it next to an iPhone 6s:

This makes it the perfect travel charger. You could even put it in your pocket and carry it around if you want, much less a laptop bag or a backpack.

I also like the slim’s little blue light indicating it’s charging, it is not too bright so you can actually keep it next to the bed without keeping yourself awake.

What I like about the 10w Wireless Stand

It’s a stand! I can actually look up and see notifications on my phone without have to pick it up. It’s also a fast charge, so my phone is always charged after leaving it on there for a while. A great thing to put on the desk and grab a quick charge in the middle of a busy day.


Neither of these come with an AC plug :disappointed: Given that the stand needs to provide 10W of charge, it would be nice to have an AC plug that meets exactly this standard without having to find one out of what I already have. That being said, both of these work great plugged into both a powerIQ2 port and a Samsung adaptive fast charge adapter.

Thanks for reading!


Wow, that IS slim. Those are definitely much better prices then I’ve seen on the internet for other competitors. Not to mention, I know Anker’s products are higher quality. So it’s a win win going with Anker. I feel like I’m missing out on the wireless charging capabilities since I don’t have any devices that uses it. :frowning:


Those prices are customer friendly! Samsung charges much more for their newer wireless chargers

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Great review @ryandhazen. I like it. To the point. :thumbsup:


I think Anker should make something similar to what EasyAcc makes for the desk. would be a great way to incorporate their amazing wireless charger into a desk setup


Now THAT would be awesome!


Like it would be so cool to have that on your desk and I would so buy one. I’ve been looking into getting that one but I wished Anker made one and if they decide to make one then I will gladly wait for theirs to come out instead.

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YEAH! Add in a charging spot for my Samsung Gear sport, and a little hanger for my Soundbuds Curve.

Exactly and this one own scream tech so it can blend in with any kind of set up you have and still look like it belongs.

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Great review!!! :clap: