Review: USB-C -> HDMI Adapter

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Quick review of the Anker USB-C to HDMI Adapter.


Excellent product. Tested on an HP e240c, Samsung Television, and Epson Projector. Passed HD video and Audio to all three destinations from My Asus Chromebook flip C302. Does not work on all USB-C phones - I tested and it worked on my Galaxy S9+ but not my Moto Z2 force Edition. Make sure your phone can push the appropriate format before purchasing if mobile is your intended use.

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This is a great looking little adapter. Small, fits in your bag easily, and matches the minimalist design of most modern laptops:

It comes with nothing else in the box other than the adapter, which is just fine.


My first test involved plugging it into a Samsung 60 inch TV and changing some settings. The first thing I noticed is that it the external device was clearly detected and identified very quickly, meaning that all the HDCP info passes through this adapter perfectly. That matters a lot, as content will not play on devices without the appropriate “handshake” between the origin and the destination.

I was able to switch back and forth from mirrored:

To Extended:

And it was all very easy and quick. I noted the same performance on a dedicated computer monitor (HP e240c) and an HDMI capable projector (Epson Home Cinema 3700). It passed audio successfully to all three. I actually had a 2 hour videoconference with 5 people in the room and three remote participants using this adapter to the Epson projector mentioned above.

Mobile Devices

The most important thing to remember here is that just because your phone has a USB-C port does not mean that this adapter will make it go to your TV. It’s also important to remember that some content providers block all external displays whether or not your phone can handle it. It is possible that you get your phone screen on the big screen only to be stopped by whatever app you are using because they don’t want you playing it on a big screen.

Anyway, here’s a shot of it working on the 60-inch Samsung TV from my Galaxy S9+. It successfully identified the device and sent HD video as well as audio to the destination. In this test, the phone stopped sending the video when I turned off the display, FYI.

All in all, it’s a great, simple, inexpensive adapter that will work best for laptops and fairly well on mobile. Its mobile issues are not related to the adapter itself, though. It’s all about the device you’re using. When your device is ready to send HD to TV, this thing will do it quite smartly.

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Great review thanks for sharing. Always good to see tested compatible devices.

Nice review and pics

Excellent review… thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Sweet review!

Great review! do anker make one for the lightning cable?


Apple make one especially for the lightning cable…