(Review) USB C Charger, 30W Ultra Compact Type-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery, Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1 [GaN Technology]

Let me start off this review by saying I’ve had more than enough time to play with this charger and it has performed to or beyond my expectations with every device that I have charged with it including the Note 8, note 9, MacBook 13" MacBook 15" Nintendo switch Sony type c headphones. While I do not have a USB type-c multimeter judging purely by charging times the Atom pd-1 performed on par with stock high speed Chargers besides the MacBook 15" which requires higher wattage for full speed charging.

*Extremely small size
*High wattage output
*Type c!
*Gan technology
*smaller form factor

*Not as travel-friendly as it could be (could use folding pins but it would make the charger larger)
*Gets hot during heavy use (not hot enough to burn)
*Does not come with a type c to type c cable.

4.5/5 Stars


Great Review @TheDude ! I agree with having folding plugs but as you said it would make the form factor much bigger. Now on the cons, is the level of heat a cause for concern? Since you stated “not hot enough to burn” I think it should be okay.

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You made a good job, Jesse.
I would not have expect something else from you! :ok_hand:

Getting hot?
Are there others who got this charger and recognize this?

Nice review. I don’t know why everyone is upset about no folding pins… it’s not uncommon not to have them…

I believe it’s supposed to get hot. One of the traits that makes gallium nitride better than silicon, is it can get hotter, so it can be smaller…

There is no cause for concern but the difference in heat compared to a normal sized silicon-based charger is noticeable.

I would assume that any time you demand the same amount of output from something that is 40% smaller heat will become a factor but like others have mentioned the excess heat is caused by gallium which operates at a higher frequency and is more heat resistant.

@professor care to enlighten us?

Next time I have to fully recharge a MacBook while using the laptop I’ll pull out the heat gun and get some numbers for you guys.


Great review, thanks

Awesome review with great pictures. Loved the Pros and Cons.

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Really? I thought gallium nitride could handle the heat better

Exactly. It handles the heat, as in, it’s not going to catch on fire from getting hot/warm.

Nice Review. thanks for sharing! :wink:

Nice review.