Review: The Anker Cube has helped me...realize I might have a problem :)

Hi all,

I just got the Anker Cube, and it’s SWEET. Except, I wanted to see if I could charge all my stuff with it, and then I realized I have way too much stuff. Here’s my Chromebook Flip C302, iPhone 6s, Moto Z2 Force Edition, Galaxy S9+, MacBook Air 11, and iPad all charging at the same time…

This is probably too many devices for one person. I admit it. HOWEVER, if you don’t have a problem, but find yourself with lots of friends that always need a charge (as I often do too), this thing is awesome. Small enough to fit in a bag:

You can always whip it out when you are having a work party, even on the go (as this impromptu birthday party was):

and keep everyone powered!

I did a few meterings on it, and it provided a steady 6-7w charge out of the usb outlets no matter how many were plugged in:

Though it DOES perform slightly better if only one device is plugged in to the USB array:

All of the other devices pulled power just as fast as if they were plugged into the wall.

All in all, for a baseball-sized device:

This is a very cool thing to have in your bag at an airport, restaurant, friend’s house, or even your home desk. You can charge all of your stuff (even if you have way too much of it like me) on a single outlet. Your fellow travellers, friends, and workmates will thank you :slight_smile:

The only product that’s better for speed charging is probably the Anker PD strip, but it has one fewer plugs and a larger footprint. Less portable, more power.

Thanks for Reading!


Thanks for posting, I actually thought this was much smaller than it is but seeing it in your hand and on the table shows how decently sized it is. I may have to get one just to keep in my throw away bag to be used as needed


Like @elmo41683, I thought the Cube was smaller than it is, but it looks like it handled everything you threw at it! Small enough to include in a tech bag, though, so it might be something for me to pick up. Thanks for the post!


Awesome review and photos buddy! I wish Anker would make a U.K. variant of it as this is something that would frequently be used in my living room.


Nice review and pics.

Would be good to see UK variant but it would inevitably need to be larger - not an issue for me though.


Surely with an extension lead, the only issue is the shape of the holes and prongs?

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Great review! Looks bigger than it Acctually is if that makes sense.


@elmo41683 @Mark_Dunsmore and @Muhammad_02 - you are all right, this product was bigger than I expected from the promo photos. Initially I was a bit disappointed because I expected something smaller, but after carrying it for a couple of months I realized its size wasnt as much of a problem as I thought. It still fits in the bag (which is what I bought it for) and it still charges more than I regularly carry. Believe it or not, I dont walk around with three phones and two laptops :laughing:.

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Size doesn’t matter :joy:


Thanks for posting and sharing your experience :ok_hand:

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Very nice presentation, good photos, good examples ! Makes me curious !

Great pictures! I love the compact size of the Anker PowerPort Cube… but then I plug all of my gadgets into it and it doesn’t look so compact anymore. :joy:


Looking at the images I also thought it would be smaller, thanks for comparing it with your hand

You do realise he is only a dwarf, and has real small hands! lol

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That’s me on the right :laughing:

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I know! It kind of becomes a weird squid-krakken thing once you have all your stuff plugged in :octopus:

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Now it makes sense. Will buy right away!

The PowerDraw this week contains a PowerCube!

Thanks for the review. I am considering one of these when previously I wasn’t. It does appear to be pretty convenient.

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Thanks for posting and sharing your experience.