Review: Soundcore Wakey Bluetooth Speaker Powered by Anker

The Wakey is a beautifully crafted Bluetooth Speaker / Alarm Clock Radio / Wireless Charger. Comes with an AC adapter, FM antenna wire & User Manual. Comes in Black or White.

Connect the supplied AC adapter, FM antenna wire, download the easy to use Soundcore app and turn on Bluetooth on your device. Setup is simple by connecting the Wakey thru your device’s Bluetooth and than via the Soundcore app. You’ll see a range of features for your initial setup of the Wakey. You can also use the front buttons to operate the Wakey

The first thing I did was check to see if there was a new firmware update. My model shipped with the latest so a firmware update wasn’t needed. I then went into the LED settings to set the LED to Auto Brightness, as it would automatically adjust to the ambient lighting (or lack of) in my bedroom. You can create an alarm at any hour, on any given day or multiple days to your favorite FM Radio stations or built-in tones (four to choose from), up to 15 individual alarms.

The FM Radio is loud and clear and you can set up to 10 Preset stations, with a handy dial to manually set your station or via auto programming by signal hitting the previous and forward buttons. In this screen you can also Power On or Off the radio. The app also features a Superior Sleep mode which can help you fall asleep with a mix of ambient sounds of birds chirping, wind, chimes, camping, river, rain or water droplets, a train, clock, farmhouse or wind to help improve & relax you in your sleep.

The rear of the Wakey has a FM antenna input, two USB ports, AUX In and a DC input for power. It would have been nice to see an AUX Out for the option of outputting audio to a larger source such as a power speaker or amplifier. But I suppose this alarm clock is not designed for that. The Qi Fast Wireless Charger on top is a bonus. I rest my android phone on there nightly to keep my phone topped off. Placing the phone on the center of the rubber ring wireless charger gives you an audible tone and immediately starts charging. It also keeps your phone in place. The LED clock display is large and not too bright, as it changes brightness due to the ambient lighting in the room. The clock is accurate as it automatically synchronizes with your device’s clock each time it’s connected.

Recommended for it’s simplicity, beautiful design and excellent functionality as a Bluetooth speaker and feature rich FM radio / alarm clock.



Great review and nice photos! :clap:


Great review @Dez_S
Looks great in black :+1:t2:

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First rate review and pro photo’s as usual @Dez_S :+1:

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Great detailed review and awesome photos @Dez_S :ok_hand:

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Thank you :blush:

Thanks Paul. And yes, I love it in Black. But I like all Tech in Black :wink:

Thank you sir :smiley:

Thanks! I hope a Wakey is in your future :innocent:


Looks much better in a dark color. Good job on the review, I’ve been waiting for the RIGHT deal on it. I don’t need it so I’m in no rush

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It oozes quality In this color. And the numbers on the clock display pop.

Call me crazy but I think the color gives it a premium look/feel


I have the white version and love it. I have it set to the 24 hour format and I think with that format the sun and moon symbol shows only in that format. I don’t mind it but it has the numbers off centered.

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You’re not crazy. I prefer tech in Black. The matte finish is nice and the fabric is top notch.

Interesting. I didn’t know that.