REVIEW: Soundcore Strike 3 Gaming Headset

Photos first.

LEFT: Toggle 7.1 virtual surround on/off.
RIGHT: toggle microphone on/off.
The knob on the TOP RIGHT: volume up/down.

Disclaimer: I got these for free to test. This review is an independent review. I did not test this on any game YET, but I watched a few movies as well as several movie scenes. And tons of YouTube.


SOUND. These sound great. I have couple of over ear headphones that cost >$150, and I’d say that these are comparable. My initial impression was WOW and LOUD. I could really “feel” the sounds. Watching Avengers Endgame, it felt like I was in the middle of the final battle scene.

CONTROLS. I did not play with the software controls at all. It comes with 3 toggles. These can be found on the cable. First switches on/off the 7.1 virtual surround, the second switches on/off the microphone, and the third turns the volume up/down. The microphone boom can be removed completely; the light on the microphone turns red when muted.

COMFORT. The ear pads are very soft. The memory foam is super comfortable. The cooling gel seems a bit gimmicky, but my ears didn’t sweat even after 1 hour of using these (I usually sweat after extended use of over ear headphones), so they might be on to something.


Damn I didn’t even know these were a thing - I just got a new gaming headset for Xmas. Really interested to see how it fairs when used in gaming.

What console/games will you be playing?
Looking forward to future update

Blue lights! :heart_eyes:
I’m sold, and I’m not even a gamer :grimacing:
Great review :+1:t2:

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I will be reviewing mine soon. I’ve pretty much only gamed on mine.

I am going to have to watch end game on them, as that has to be amazing :joy:

The strike 1 have red lights!!

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Well thats not for me then @TechMan
I’m a blue light man, plain and simple!

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@TechMan What do you game on? I want to try these for Xbox but it only says ps4 and pc. If these don’t work I was looking to by an adapter to make a Bluetooth headset work (like the one below) on Xbox and use the liberty air 2 as the headset.

Good review @onstar thanks for sharing!

I game only on PC.

These use a USB connection so they won’t work witg anything that doesn’t support USB.

The strike 1 connect using Aux so they will work with an Xbox.

The strike #1’s on amazon still only say ps4, pc

Gotta look at more then the title :wink:


Nice review and photos! I bet RDR 2 sounds amazing on these.

You right but most times your selling point needs to be in the title or within the first couple pictures. Shouldn,t have to going looking hard to find information you seek.

Nice review!:clap:
I like that blue light :ok_hand:

Great review and nice pics @onstar :clap: !!!

I am not much into gaming, but I like the overall lighting on the headset, may be some influence from Eufy Lumi / Lumos lights :smiley:

Nice Review and pictures. I’ve wanting to see a review for these.

When I saw these released I’ve been interested in them. I just got a pair of Alienware gaming headsets so I need another pair. But would love to test and compare the quality.

Love the looks of it, especially the blue lights.

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Ah, another blue light fan :+1:t2:

I wanna try these on my PS4

nice thanks for the reviews didn’t even know they were making those. Too bad I just got another set of hyperX