Review : Soundcore Spirit X Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

I am impressed by the Soundcore Spirit X Wireless earphones after trying them out for a week. I initially had issues of the earphones coming out of my ears due to fact I did not try the different eartips/earwing for the best fit. After switching to a different eartip/earwing combo, that issue was solved. Connecting it up to Bluetooth was very easy, I have an older IPod & IPhone 6S Plus & both devices detected it quickly. It only took one try. Sound quality is great. I like where the current charging port is located near the controls & not on the earphone where you had to remove the earwing to access the charging port unlike Anker Soundbuds Sport IE 20. Also the carrying case included is a nice to protect the earphones & hang on the outside of your bag for easy access to them. The price of these earphones is great compared to a very popular brand that starts with a B______ and 3x the price. The sweatguard technology is a nice touch to these earphones compare to the other brand which had many issues with people sweat damaging the earphones. Playtime on Soundcore Spirit X is great out of the box, almost a week before I needed to charge them. Anker states that the playtime before charging is needed is around 12 Hours. Item would be great for runners, working out at the gym.

Items included in box:
Soundcore Spirit X earbuds
Different size Eartips
Different size Earwings
A shirt clip
Micro USB cable
Carry case with Carabiner

Personally I would like them change the package design to a rectangular design instead of the square design.

Overall, great pair of wireless earphones at a great price of 39.99.


Nice review & pics @Rob808 thanks for sharing with the community :thumbsup:

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Awesome review, @Rob808!

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nice review and pics!!!:heart_eyes:

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Great review @Rob808

Thanks for sharing your review…great job!

Hi. I received these spirit x a few hours ago and i’m overall satisfied.

But i have a question: i think the sound is kinda limitated. When i press the “+” button, the sound raises to a certain level and I hear a “beep” sound and i cannot increase the sound more than this. It happens to everyone? I know that i can increase the sound because when i try with my smartphone (xiaomi mi5s) the sound increases.

I think that this can be a sound limitation from the smartphone itself.


EDIT: forget it, i think that there are two different sound equalizers: one from the phone and other from the wireless earphones.

Thanks for a great review and pics. I’m starting on week 3 of mine and love them.

do you hear a “beep” sound when you increase the volume to a certain level?