Review: Soundcore Motion Q

The all new Soundcore Motion Q was designed to be part of your adventures. Carry it with you on your trips to the beach, camping, hiking and trip to the parks. You won’t have to worry about the rain or the ocean getting your speaker wet. Its waterproof and built for travel.

Soundcore Motion Q Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Review

About two weeks ago Anker sent me a sample of the Soundcore Motion Q Portable Bluetooth Speaker for being part of one their review promotions they offered on their community forums.


The speaker came in the standard white and blue box with pictures of the speaker in action. Right out of the box I noticed its size and weight. All though its size and weight isn’t a factor for me, it could be for some.


As to the overall look and feel of the speaker its looks good and is made well. It has updated speaker fabric surrounding the cylinder and rubber top and bottom. The rubber surfaces protect the bottom on the top and the rubber on the bottom keeps the speaker from slipping on slick surfaces.


The AUX and Micro-USB ports are protected by a rubber door that blocks and seals out the water.


For testing I connected the Soundcore Motion Q Portable Bluetooth Speaker to a Android device and my windows computer.


When connecting to my phone I had no issues. It came almost fully charged and I was able to listen for about 8 hours at 80% volume. The charge time using my Anker USB charging Hub took about three hours to charge. On a complete charge I’m getting about 12 hours. I haven’t been able to use the speaker as much as I would like.

I listened to my Spotify playlist. The playlist a little bit of everything. Its a great list for testing lows, mids, and highs on a speaker. The sound coming out of this little two speaker system is impressive. But the bass is little lacking for some songs. The BassUp Technology does help.

When connected via Bluetooth, I was able to walk around the house and not have any issues loosing connection. I was able to get just over 50 feet passing through multiple walls and still had a great connection and I could hear the music in any room of the house. When outside and with a clear line of the site between the speaker and my phone I could get over 60 feet away and still have music planning clearly.


I also tried playing the playlist using a AUX cable. I found that this works and sound as good or better than streaming with Bluetooth.

Next I paired the Motion Q to my Windows 10 computer to listen to my iTunes playlist and watched a movie with it. I found the sound to be limited for watching a movie, but better than the speakers on a tablet or a notebook. Listening to music via iTunes sounded good.

Final Thoughts


After playing with the Soundcore Motion Q Portable Blue Speaker for two weeks I found this to be a useful speaker and I have a hard time choosing which Anker speaker I want use. In the kitchen I use the Soundcore Mini 2 when my wife is watching TV or working on take home office work. When listening to music and want the whole house alive with sound or watching a movie in my home gym during a work I use my Soundcore Boost. On the front porch I use an older outdoor speaker system. Its loud and great for parties or listening to music loud enough my closest neighbors can hear it down the down the road. I plan on using the Soundcore Motion Q out on the back porch, working in the yard or down at the fire pit where power isn’t available to power my outdoor system.


In my opinion the Soundcore Motion Q is great for those needing portability but do not want to compromise sound quality. This speaker is on the larger side. It isn’t going to fit in a pocket or small bag. It does have a lanyard you can use to hang from a bag strap or wrist.

If you are taking your speaker to lake, pool, or Ocean you won’t have to worry about getting it wet. The speaker is made well, just make sure the rubber port cover is closed and sealed tight. It should keep the internals dry and protected in a few feet of water and give you plenty of time save it.


Thinking about pairing your Motion Q with another Soundcore speaker to create a wireless stereo sound? You can only do this with like devices. I tested to see if I could pair my Soundcore Mini 2 with the Motion Q and couldn’t make it work. I still haven’t been able to test this feature. I hope to be able to soon.

To see the complete review and more pictures, check out the review on my personal site.


Good review & pics @Element321 :thumbsup: …I’m glad you showed the Motion Q alongside the Mini 2 for comparison…I was under the impression they were essentially the same size :blush:

Also like that the flap has a small ridge (like the Mini 2) for easier access to the ports…would be good if they do similar on future models like the Flare+ @AnkerOfficial :wink:


Yes indeed,
there is a small ridge to make the opening of the flap much easier.

This should be added to the FLARE as well
if the waterproofness will not affected. :wink:

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They are both IPX7 rated, so I can’t how it would :slight_smile:


Great pics and informative review! :thumbsup:

I am assuming you don’t have the Flare in your arsenal?
I’d like to hear some first-hand reports of how the Flare sounds compared to the Motion Q (I own the Motion Q) given the output wattage difference (Flare: 2 x 6 watts, Motion Q: 2 x 8 watts

Thanks for the review!

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Excellent review. And thank you for the comparison pic between the Q and Mini 2. :slight_smile:

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No I do not have one of those and I want one. I have way to many portable speakers now :smile: So unless I win one or I get a couple to review I won’t be able compare them.