Review: Soundcore Mini 2

Disclaimer: I received the Soundcore Mini 2 as part of the Power User program.

Initial impressions:
The Soundcore Mini 2 certainly feels weighty in the palm but the exterior does feel a little plasticky. The tactile media and bluetooth buttons feel great with plenty of give. The speaker design doesn’t try to be overly complicated; rather, the design is straightforward and simple and makes setting up incredibly easy. I was able to find the speaker on my bluetooth list within seconds and I had music going within 30 seconds of opening the box. That intuitive and simple design is definitely a plus.

Anker advertises this unit as “Size-Defying Sound.” I cranked the volume up to max and tested the speaker through a variety of different songs. I tried listening for distortion and sound quality at the max volume, and I found that it does sound pretty good. Distortion was minimal at its max volume and the sound quality felt pretty good for what it is: a portable, reasonably-priced, pocket-sized bluetooth speaker. For me, it sounds actually better than the laptop speakers on my MBP 13 (2016 model).

Design / Features:
IPX7 rating consistent with other higher-end competitors
15 hour rated battery-life beats out most other speakers in this class
Micro-USB - would have preferred USB-C but most other speakers aren’t there yet either
AUX in support

This speaker really tries to outdo other portable speakers in this class. It is reasonably priced, intuitively-designed, IPX7 resistant, has a long 15-hr battery life, with good-to-great sound quality for a speaker this size. I don’t really have any complaints about the Soundcore and could see myself using this speaker more for small parties or outings. Whether or not the speaker is worth the purchase comes down to what you as the buyer prioritizes.

Do you want a speaker that you hope to use with large parties? Then, maybe this speaker isn’t what you want. But, if the qualities that I’ve listed and discussed appeals to you, then the Soundcore might be worth a look. If a friend asked me for a recommendation for a portable bluetooth speaker, I wouldn’t hesitate to send them towards this product.


Thanks for your review, would be great if you can share some pictures. They help people better understand what product your reviewing


Good job! Thank you for completing your first post here!
Soundcore mini 2 is one of our most popular portable speaker, I’m glad you like it too!

That’s kinda unique because a lot, a whole lot, of speakers suffer from distortion at max volume

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I have the same speakers and if your not listening to something with crazy bass distortion he is at a minimum. You can check my review I have 2 videos and you can hear the music at max volume

nice review, good job!

Great review. Please post some pictures as well (if possible)