Review - Soundcore Liberty Neo - Worth the upgrade from the Liberty Lite

Hi all!

I just got the Soundcore Liberty Neo, and my quick impression is that it’s worth the upgrade from the liberty lite! See my review of the Liberty Lite for context. Here is my video review:

Here’s what I like about these earbuds:

Compact Size

This is no different than the lites, really, but it’s worth noting that these are very small, portable, and easy to carry around. Check the size comparison here:

Better Microphone than the Liberty Lite

I take phone calls often while I’m listening to music, so the fact that these mics are useable is a BIG plus for me. The liberty Lite mics were pretty much unusable because they were not designed well into the product. I think this is due to the single mic and no active noice cancellation in the mic section, but I’m not sure about that. What I CAN tell you is that, in practice, these mics are much better.


BassUp in these makes them a much better audio experience than the liberty lite. You can really feel the bass when it drops. I like that a lot. HOWEVER - BassUP seems to privilege synthetic bass over string bass, so when I’m listening to Edgar Meyer, for instance, the string bass does not benefit from the BassUP in the same way the bass in Sylvan Esso or Billie Eilish does.

Sound Isolation

These isolate sound VERY well. I could not even hear my washing machine and dryer going when I had them in. This resulted in my opening the dryer early because I thought, surely, I would hear the dryer if it was still going :laughing:


I love the ear-grabber things that are built into these. They really keep them in there. I’ve been biking, paddleboarding, yardworking, and other activities with these things and have not had any slippage. They did, one time, get pulled out when I was changing my shirt, but I think that would happen with any earbud, wireless or not. They come with various sizes of attachments to make them fit whoever is using them:

Low Profile

I love that these are not ostentatious. They fit discreetly in the ear and are not visible when you are looking straight at someone. See the pics below:


Charging Case

It’s hard to overstate how handy the charging case is. Whenever I take them out of my ears, I put them right in the case, which does two things:

  1. Helps me not lose one
  2. Ensures that they are 100% charged every time I use them

I love this feature, and it can’t be overstated how cool the case is.


There are a few improvements I would like to see:

No Sound Transparency

The noise isolation is so good that you can’t hear loud things, like oncoming traffic, airline announcements, and even a washer and dryer. I would like to see these integrated with the soundcore app and have transparency added.

No Qi Charging

I wish the case was Qi wireless enabled. That would be great. I think Anker can do this since they have other wireless charging products. It would be a good feature to add to the next in the Liberty series.


Great set of truly wireless earbuds in the mid-range price point. Probably the best value on the market for this product segment, and totally worth upgrading if you already own a set of Liberty Lites.

Thanks for reading!


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But how is the bluetooth connection to your
washing machines ?

Excellent review and pics. :slight_smile: Did you have any connection issues? And did you have to un-pair and pair them back again if you’re using multiple devices?

Excellent review! Keep up the good work :+1:

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Excellent review and photos as always! Digging the hat it definitely suited you. :wink:

Can you be charging the case while the case is charging bud(s)?

I often have one bud in an ear and swap them over using my cabled Slim buds.

Yeah, you can do that.