Review Soundcore Icon mini - Lots of power in a small speaker

Anker for me has always been a leading company in the Bluetooth speaker sector. My first speaker was a Soundcore Mini and I was very surprised! If you are interested, I published a review on Youtube that you can see here.

n my reviewing career I have tried hundreds of speakers of different brands and after a long time I had the pleasure of trying a new speaker: The Soundcore Icon Mini.

The main features of this speaker are:

  • Compactness.
  • IP67 certification.
  • Presence of powerful bass
  • Stereo matching.

Unlike other cheap brands, Anker has well thought of customizing the bluetooth pairing sounds with pleasant sounds. Switching on and pairing with the smartphone is very fast! Once you have done the pairing once, when you turn on the smartphone’s Bluetooth it automatically matches in seconds.

The package includes the essentials:
- The bluetooth speaker.
- Instructions and compliance sheet.
- MicroUSB charging cable.

The pack does not have a jack cable, although the speaker has an attack. This is quite understandable because by now most smartphones are abolishing the jack because bluetooth has become a reliable and quality technology.

The materials are of excellent quality and the speaker resists water! This is wonderful because we can take it to the pool or the sea, without bothering to break it.

In the upper part there are the control keys and they are easy to understand. You can also answer calls and feel pretty good.

The strength of this speaker is the quality of the music. This quality is usually found in JBL and high-end brands. Anker has nothing to envy! With less than 30 euros you have a speaker able to satisfy the pleasure of music.

And autonomy? Good! I tried to play the music all morning and it lasted at a volume of 70% about 6 hours and 50 minutes. The company declares about 8 hours but this depends a lot on your use and how you set the volume of the speaker.

To completely recharge it I took about 2 hours with a 5V 2A power supply.
Here are my final conclusions. the speaker reflects what I expected: quality, reliability and resistance. Also this time Anker has hit the mark with a product that really deserves.

Stay tuned, I will soon publish a review on Youtube (Italian language)!

– edit 04/05/2019
Hey guys, the video review is online!


Nice review. Are you going to make an English review :cry:


Great review! I wish companies specify how they advertise playtime on their products. When I tested my earbuds, I got just under 7 hours of playtime (similar to what you got on this speaker) on less than 50% volume. The advertised number is 6-8 hours.


Nice review, these look like they might be more powerful than the Soundcore Mini 2. Once I retire my Mini 2 I plan on getting one of these.


nice review :thumbsup:


Great review and photos!!! Good job :clap:

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Anker specifies that they test all their speakers at 60 to 70 percent volume

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Dude, one of the best reviews I have seen. Great job, great pictures


Thanks! Guess I missed it. Good to know for future reference.

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Great review dude!


Nice review! Thanks for sharing!


Very good review & pics @poderak thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


Great review, thanks

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Good work you made. :smile:

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Great review @poderak WoW! You are sure speaking highly of this speaker cause I hold JBL (Flip & Charge speakers) high on a pedestal! I like that!


I like my soundcore flare, better than the JBL flip :wink:

I am looking at getting two flares for my kids but I have the JBL FLIP 4 and this thing is amazing! If the Flare is better than I just might get one for myself!

I would highly recommend it. When it comes to speakers, it provides the highest value for money for sure.

Yes I also recommend the flares, much better imo. They can also go for a swim

Hey guys, post updated! #WeLoveTesting

The review is online!

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