Review: Soundcore Flare 2 Pack

My review of the Soundcore Flare 2 Pack. See the complete review with more pictures over on my personal site.

A couple of months ago my mother asked me to help her get setup with a nice wireless portable speaker system she could pair to her to her iPhone 8 Plus. My mother is 70 years old and technically challenged. So the goal was for me to find a simple premium sound system that was easy to connect to. My first thought was to get a pair of Soundcore Flares and Use True Wireless Pairing. From everything I’ve read and from past experience with Soundcore’s portable speaker line up, I thought the Soundcore Flare 2 Pack would be a great option for her.

Unboxing and First Impressions

The Soundcore Flare 2 Pack comes nicely packaged in their standard blue box with a white and blue box sleeve that displays the Flares and the specs on the box. The micro-USB cable and manuals were in inside a box with foam sides that sat on top of the speakers. Once you remove that top box you will see the speakers nicely displayed in a frosted protected plastic that most of their products come in. The speakers themselves sit in a carved out speaker cushioned surround.

Pulling the speakers out I noticed they are made well and have the upgraded modern speaker fabric with a frosted white ring around the bottom of the speaker. The bottom has sticky anti slip rubber that will keep your speakers in place on slick surfaces. The ports are covered by a rubber waterproof flap and the buttons also have a rubber cover over them to keep water and debris from getting under the buttons.


The first thing I did was connect one of the speakers and see how it sounded. The pairing process was easy but it took three tries to connect. Once paired, it connects almost always on the first try. I then played music from different genres including, country, rock, heavy metal, rap, and classic rock. I found the sound to be good but a little lacking in bass but with the BassUp feature, it helps.

The light show is a nice feature but not impressive by itself. If I only had one speaker I wouldn’t need it.

Pairing both speakers is a bit of chore and you need to read the manual or read the howto tutorial I wrote on how to setup Soundcore’s Total Wireless Pairing. I found the manually pairing the two speaker is annoying and takes a few tries to connect. But if you use the Soundcore App and follow my instructions you will be able to pair your speakers with ease. Also make sure to set your phone or table to automatically pair when the speakers come on.

The app works great. It lets you update the speakers, change the sound quality, and control the light show.

Playing music with two speakers is awesome. It sounds great, its loud, and the bass is much better. Setting the speakers up like a normal stereo gives it good stereo quality in every direction. Setting up the speakers in different parts of the house also sounds good. There isn’t a lag or distortion as long as you are less than a 100 ft inside and going through walls. If outside you should be able to go a 100 ft and then some. The synced light show is a nice feature and impressive in a dark room.

To charge the speakers takes a few hours. So make sure your speakers are charged before the party starts. You will also need a second micro-USB cord and a 2 port USB charger to charge at the same time. The box set only comes with one cable.

Final Thoughts

Both my mother and I love the speakers and the quality of music they produce together. But for her, it was two difficult for her to manually pair the speakers. She doesn’t have the knowledge to use the app or reconnect the speakers if they won’t connect and pair up.

So I ended up with another set of Soundcore speakers. I think they sound great together but really do not need or want the light show. As an individual speaker I prefer the Motion Q. It may not be as loud but for my ears I think the bass is slightly deeper and sound quality sounds better to me.

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Great review. I really like the image quality!

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A very solid and well written review. Also loved the photo that showed how they were being used. :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2:


Very nice review. I like the personal style - and the great pictures !


Great reviewwwww


I was going to ask you that seeing as how sometimes bluetooth devices can unlink itself. Btw, super jealous that you have all those flares now :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: Now you can have your own rave party. Hahaha. Nice job with the review.

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That was my concern as well. Since I live 9 hours away I just can’t run over there and help her out. I gave her one of my extra speakers to play with. My brother offered to help her out since he lives 5 minutes away. She really likes the new JBL Charges and may end up with one of those if I can’t get her into a Boost

Great work James! It would be great if you could bring the post of How to Set Up Soundcore’s Total Wireless Pairing here in the community as well. :blush:

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Another solid review with excellent photos @Element321 :thumbsup:

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No problem. I can do that in a couple of days. :slight_smile: Just got to find the time.

Looking forward to seeing it! Great great job! :thumbsup:

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Good job James.
This is the way reviews should be written.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Great review and photos, @Element321!

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Great review and photos!!!


Great review and pictures @Element321 James.


Great review, very informative and helpful. I just got my second flare today and they are amazing, I have tried true wirelesss peakers from ultimate ears and jbl but the flares are way better, not to mention cheaper. GO ANKER!!!


Heyo, nice review! Debating on grabbing them but hoping that the 2 pack does come to Canada like the sale right now in the states :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I’d love to know if the Flare 2 is the same size as the original Flare. Noticed the Flare plus seems bigger in size than the original Flare.

Hi @ebukakosi

Here is the comparison chart for these 2 products, take a look!