Review: Soundbuds Surge

In the box you get the headphones themselves, 3 different size ear bud and wingtips, t-shirt clip, micro USB for charging and a carry pouch along with the paperwork. I really like the size and built quality of theses headphones. I also really like the magnets in the back of each ear bud.

Pairing was really easy with my S8 hold the play pause button down to turn on and hold for a few more seconds to turn on pairing mode.

They fit into the ear very nice and when you add the wingtips that follow the shape of your ear it makes them feels very secure. They have been very comfortable. The ear buds fit straight out of the box but I did need to put the larger wing tips on.

Sounds wise these sound very good, nice and clear. There is balance of base and trebles and the sound doesn’t crackle at high volumes.

The battery life is good they have been lasting me around 5 hours split over a multiple uses. The water resistant is good too, when sweating of in rain you can see the water droplets dripping off them.

Would definitely recommend them


Wowo so you received to pairs of Anker SoundBuds !

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Yea got them a couple of weeks apart from each other. Both are really amazing for different uses, I personally prefer these to the Soundbud Curve

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Nice review…

As for me, I like the slims over the surge. The surge drivers are a little bigger, bulkier, and heavier than the slims.

I think the sound and battery life is fairly equal between the 2, so I would have to gravitate my recommendation towards the slim or slim+

Surge’s are still pretty damn headphones though imo…

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Nice reciew

Nice review. Thanks for sharing!