Review - SoundBuds Surge

Since the introduction of the iPhone 7 and the removal of the headphone jack socket I have had little choice but to depend on wireless Bluetooth headphones to get me through boring bus and train journey’s or even through my day at work when I need to zone out and ignore the world. I did have a pair of Monster iBeats for my birthday before and these broke after just 2 years so vowed never to pay silly money for earphones again. Thankfully, none of us ever have to pay silly money for excellent earphones ever again thanks to Anker.

I have been using a set of Anker SoundBud Sport IE20 for the few months or so and I’ve got to say, they are outstanding but I wanted to get a new pair of buds that I could use while running so these look perfect for the job.

They are super lightweight; I literally cannot feel them on me.
They are water-resistant thanks to the special nano-coating. So my sweaty head is not going to affect their performance while I’m out.
They have a 6 hour battery life too. Make no mistake, I am not going running for 6 hours hahaha but they will also be great when out on the mountain bike too :slight_smile:

In the Box
A set of Anker SoundBuds Surge Wireless Earphones
4 sets of earbuds - multiple sizes for the perfect fit (1 set on the device and 3 spare)
4 sets of wingtips - multiple sizes for the perfect fit (1 set on the device and 3 spare)
Short micro USB charging cable
Cord clip and shirt clip to adjust the cable and clip it to your clothing.
Anker branded carry pouch
Owners manual, Anker Happy Card and their legendary 18 month hassle free warranty

Set Up and Operation
The inline remote has 3 buttons, a microphone, charging point and an LED to indicate certain operations. Pretty standard stuff but neatly packed and easy to operate.
Pairing was easy, just holding down the play (middle) button for 3 seconds set the device into pairing mode and they popped up on my phone straight away. I also paired them with my Apple Watch ready for a run :runner:

The multi function + - buttons adjust the volume with each press and if you hold them down for a second they skip to the next or previous track
The play button also performs an array of duties including play/pausing tracks, answering/ending calls, activating Siri or your less cool alternative assistant :wink:
Rejecting and switching between held and active calls. Anyway, all the details are in the owners manual.

These are charged via a port on the inline remote which is so much easier to access than the IE 20’s. It was a pain in the butt having to prize open the charger port on them.

The SoundBuds have magnetic connectors which stick together when not in use. This helps keep them together and stops the cables from getting all tangled up.

Sound Quality
Anker boasts “High Fidelity Audio” but I am know audio/sound engineer or expert. However, the 6mm drivers produce a crystal clear and excellent sound delivered straight into your ears though the angled earbuds and kept in place using the wingtips. Once you’ve reached the maximum volume you will hear a beep in your ears to let you know.

I love the sound they play when you turn them on and off. It’s like you are being transported through hyper space to your favourite tunes.

Sleek, Smooth Design with angled earbuds delivering the sound perfectly to your ears
Super Comfortable
Magnetic Connectors to keep your SoundBuds together when not in use
4.1 Bluetooth for superior connections
Charging Port on the Inline Remote
High Fidelity Audio
Lightweight and Water Resistant
Hyper space sound when you turn them on/off
Only £20

No built in magnetic switches so you have to turn them on/off manually by holding the play button down.

Awesome set of lightweight earbuds which give an awesome sound and stay securely in your ears while exercising or just shaking your head like a mad man. I highly recommend these for use in the gym or even as your daily earphones for the commute.


Great Review!!!

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Nice! I would love to read more of your reviews :slight_smile:

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Cheers Jack :slight_smile:
I think they look a lot better on here because you can add photos at certain points unlike Amazon where all the photos are grouped together.

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Cheers Cole :slight_smile:

Awesome review. :slight_smile:

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Excellent & thorough review with equally excellent pics.

Very well done, @Oggyboy :thumbsup:

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Nice review!

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is it heavy? the soundbud slim í quite heavy and it flickering when I run

comparison with the Slim? I find these do good audio, they stay in the ears well, and good noise isolation for flying, sufficiently well it is making me not use my Bose so much.

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Well, according to Amazon, the Surge is 10x heavier than the Slims, so if you thought the Slims were heavy… :joy::joy:


Anker’s Amazon weights and dimensions are somewhat scatty.


I never had a pair of Slim’s so can’t say. If it wasn’t for the cable around my neck I would of forgotten ther we’re in my ears. They are very light.

it heavy in a sense that when running it keep making noise that interfere with the music itself.

Great review! Must invest in some Bluetooth earphones like these! Wires are definitely problematic and generally irritating for me!

First rate review buddy :thumbsup:

Thank you Neil :thumbsup:

Definitely Ben. I’ve had 2 pairs of Anker Soundbuds now and love them both. Brilliant sound quality and super convenient.

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I’ll have to check them out at some point. I’m very particular with sound and eventually found some I love - FSL Zn30 but I’ve no idea how long they’ll last, and I definitely need to invest in some Bluetooth ones. Choosing earphones or headphones is always a worry risk to me as you never know how they’re going to sound - nowadays however it seems you don’t have to pay the earth to have top quality sounds through lower priced equipment (well that’s what I have come to understand and from many reviews I’ve read on lower budget ones). For the price of the Anker it’s definitely not a huge risk to try!