Review: Soundbuds Curve Wireless Earbuds

The SoundBuds Curve come in a compact box. As soon as you open the box you see the hard shell carry case which is very nice and has an aluminium carabiner for attaching it a bag. Also in the box are 5 different sized silicon ear tips, 1 set of foam ear tips, 3 different sized wing tips, a t-shirt clip and Micro USB charging cable along with some paper work.

There is an inline remote that has 3 buttons volume up and down and a play/pause button. You can hold the up volume button and it will skip to the next track. To put the headphones in paring mode just hold down the play/pause button. Paring was very quick and easy with my S8. The charging port is also on the inline remote

Sound quality is very good and the noise cancelling is good, I personally like the foam ear tips that I think that they also help with the noise cancelling. I like the amount of bass that you get from the 10mm drivers, the deliver a very balance crisp sound.

For use at the gym these are amazing, the over ear hooks are amazing hold the soundbuds in place along with the wing tips they don’t move and with the nano-coating sweat just rolls off them.

Batter life is amazing on these, I only have to charge them once a week or sometimes it can last 2 weeks and that cover me for 3 gym sessions and casual use in between.

I would definitely recommend these


thanks for review

Anyone have the Curve and the Slim / Slim+ to compare for the fit and keeping in the ear?

I do not have the Curve, but do have Slim and they do not want to fall out.

I have all 3. I find Curve to feel more secure, but no problems with Slim series to start with.`

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Likewise with the surge. Once they’re in your ears. The wing tips do a fantastic job and the really don’t move. Super comfortable too.

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I agree I have the Surge too and the never fall out

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Have the Slim and the Curve. While the Slim’s hold well for daily use, I’ve found the Curve’s hold better during exercise (like the NB10’s), especially if it’s intense.

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Good review, thanks a lot for this feedback.

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Definitely agree with you that they are better for excersise