Review - Smartcharge Spectrum

I haven’t really ever posted on this forum, so this will be my first review :slight_smile:

When receiving the product, the packaging is small and VERY simple (which is great!). There are the usual instructions and Happy/Not slip and then the device itself held by cardboard. The finish is the usual smooth black with a nice touch of carbon fiber along the circumference of the top of the charger. The top outer edge also has the ability to change colors (red, blue, orange, etc) which is very neat! There are two charging ports and I used my Oneplus 3T charging cable to charge my phone and it charges pretty quickly (unlike some older gen anker chargers). The build seems sturdy and not bulky like other phone chargers, Bluetooth connection is quick and will allow you to see where you parked, and the battery level of your vehicle. I enjoy the device and would love to see more like it.

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Thanks for sharing your review! Do you happen to have any pictures of the products/packaging? I think it could be very helpful for new members as the product you speak of isn’t even available for purchase yet that I can find.

Here’s a link to an overview of the app for those interested:

@joshuad11 Pretty cool app for the Spectrum. The app looks similar to the one I use for my Roav SmartCharge.