Review RoboVac 15C - Cleaning in control of your hand

RoboVac 15C is a very interesting vacuum cleaner from Eufy. In the past I have already tried several other brands and in this review I will tell you my experience these days.

Let’s start now! #WeLoveTesting! The product comes in a complete package of everything:

  • RoboVac 15C.
  • Instruction manual (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch).
  • Guarantee.
  • Kit 4 brushes (two to apply and two to spare).
  • 2 filters (one is a spare).
  • Container for dirt.
  • Hair and dirt removal tool.
  • Charging station.
  • Charger for the charging station.
  • IR remote control + 2 AAA batteries.

The robot is also Wireless and through the Eufy Home application it is possible to control via remote even if you are on the other side of the world. It has the BoostIQ mode that manages to increase and reduce the suction power based on the dirt it detects.

If you have a multi-storey house, don’t worry. The robot has sensors to prevent it from falling down the stairs.

For some market areas the Alexa skill (English and German) and the possibility of adding it on Google Home is available. Unfortunately in Italy the integration with the voice assistants is not ready but I hope that Anker will soon be able to publish it also in our market. @AnkerOfficial perhaps he has the possibility to anticipate availability in the future.

Currently, to make it work with Alexa, I’m using Broadlink, a universal infrared IR remote control compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

To operate the robot it is possible to press the button on RoboVac 15C or press the Play button on the remote control or the Play button on the Eufy virtual remote control.

There are several ways:

- Automatic cleaning: the robot applies an automatic cleaning algorithm (also thanks to BoostIQ)

  • Manual control: you can tell the robot where to go with the arrows on the remote control.
    - Maximum cleaning: the robot activates the maximum degree of aspiration for excellent cleaning (but greater consumption).
    - Quick cleaning: after 30 minutes the cleaning ends.
  • Edge cleaning: the robot does a deep cleaning by turning the edges of the house.
  • Specific cleaning: if you want to clean a very dirty fixed point, by activating this mode you will turn the robot around at that point with the maximum suction for a few minutes.

These controls are also available in Eufy’s app. The nice thing is that inside the app I can plan when the robot has to start cleaning my house. I’m really happy when I come back from work and I find the floor clean from my rabbit’s hair!

Maintenance is really simple. Fortunately, the brushes can be removed without screws and thanks to the cleaning tool, the hair and dust can be removed very quickly.

I love the ease of removing the dust recovery tray from this robot vacuum cleaner. Just a small click to remove it! I’m glad that on Amazon there are replacement kits of all consumables (brushes and filters).

My conclusion: the robot cleaner is done really well. The quality of the materials is very high and the ease of use is incredible. I very much appreciate the application that is stable, in Italian and without problems.

I found no problems with the carpets, he managed to remove them without problems (except for very light carpets with filaments. The manual recommends lifting them from the floor before starting cleaning). When unloaded, he can find the charging base. A few times I happened to find him outside the charging station. This is quite normal since he does not have tracking.

He has now become a member of the family. When you try it once, you will hardly do without it in the future. My big dream and the arrival of the skill on Amazon Alexa also in Italy.

The robot is absolutely recommended! If you’re interested, I’ve already published a test on my YouTube channel. I will soon publish the full video review.

Full review:


Nice written review! Sadly, I don’t speak Italian so I don’t understand the video…

The pictures look very nice though!


Great written review and photos! Unfortunately I don’t speak Italian either so won’t understand the video review


Please dont forget to add some comments ONE year after. We all would appreciate this.
Grazie esperiamo :laughing:


Great review (and I’m sure the video review is great as well :joy:)


Nice review. Nice pics and video.


Good review @poderak seems the rabbit has a new friend :slight_smile:


nice review. What other robots would you say compare to this one?

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Thanks for your review! I guess your rabbit is 1-2 year old!:grin:


There are piles of robots around.
If i would do a comparing.
price and durability first.
The cleaning seems to be similar regarding different manufacturers.
Some customers like the chaos principle others want mapping.
I dont need an app.
The more software the more failure.:rofl:

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@AnkerTechnical it’s slightly older. He is 4 years old :slight_smile:

@The_Bearded_Tech_Guy I have tried other vacuum cleaners like ILIFE V7S Pro, Housmile and others.

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Great review!!

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Great review wish I spoke Italian

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great review !

Does anyone know if is it possible to use the Boundary Strips on this model? since it doesn’t come with it

As far I know those strips can be used with the 30 model, not with 11.

No boudary strips for this model, but you can use any heavy item and just put it in place where you want the robovac to stop :slight_smile:

the full review is online!

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