Review: ROAV Viva

Condensed Review: Alexa in the car, what a great concept!! Convenience while on the road.


-Anker made = Quality
-Alexa = Proven Voice Assistant


  • Placement does matter
  • Microphones can be weak at times
  • Will need to boot up and reconnected to phone if power is cutoff

This is a great concept, to add the convenience of Alexa to do things while you are on the move.I can use it to turn devices off when I leave the house, open the garage door as i’m getting close. Turn on / off lights from anywhere. Change spotify music, especially with the new laws where you are unable to touch your phone. It really is just great when it works. But placement of it does really matter, as the microphones aren’t as sensitive as it is on an actual echo. I have 7 echos at the house so adding one to the car was a no brainer.

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Is anyone bugged about the ROAV Viva not having Spotify support. I think its the only thing missing from making it a perfect package. I know I am late on the band wagon but I would still like an update.