Review: Roav SmartCharge Spectrum Car Charger

The Roav SmartCharge Spectrum supports PowerIQ 2.0, Quick Charge 3.0 and Bluetooth. Comes with a User Manual and connects to the Roav Spectrum app which allows you to connect to the car charger by pressing the Connect button within the app after logging in to your Google or Facebook account. The charger has a glossy black finish with graphite trimming around the perimeter of the charger for better grip & looks.

The Roav Spectrum app has a very nice interface. It looks like it may be using Google Maps, which is a plus. After turning off car, the app will stamp the parking location immediately and you’ll hear an audio confirmation. This confirms the parking location is stamped. If you want to edit the location on the Spectrum app in the map mode, you click on the Change Location tab. The map automatically locates you via GPS and from there you can drag the map with your fingers to the precise location of your car. Hit Done and the new parking location is saved. Very effective and simple.

The Roav Spectrum also has a tab to photograph your parking spot and another tab to set a timer for a parking meter. All 3 tabs are intuitive and simple to use. You can also checks battery voltage and can track it either in 7, 30 or 90 days via a graph.

Color picker is awesome! Custom color the LED rim display to your liking. I matched my car’s trim interior. You can turn off the light display in the Settings option. There’s also a Parking Notification Enable/Disable, Distance in Meter or Foot. You can also update the charger’s firmware via the Settings in the app.

I wish the Spectrum had a USB-C PD port and a USB-A port for QC 3.0. A Type-C port with Power Delivery is forward thinking and would work great with my Samsung S8 and future USB-C devices. In the meantime, the QC 3.0 port is what I’ll use it with an Anker Powerline+ USB-A to USB-C braided cable.

Recommended if you’d like to locate your car, set a parking meter timer, monitor your car’s battery & charge your Quick Charge 3.0 compatible device at fast charging speeds!



Great review…don’t forget to update it though. When I first got mine certain things didn’t work right and had to do a firmware update. But once I did that everything worked and even the location worked better


Thanks. I’ve had it for awhile and it has the latest firmware update. It’s my favorite car charger to date.

Nice review :thumbsup:

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Good review @Dez_S

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Were you actually able to locate your car in a crowded parking lot?:grin:

Nice review, excellent pictures as well!


Nice review! good car charger :slight_smile:


Great review and the pictures show off the device perfectly.


Yes, actually. It’s accurate and guides me with the amount of footage as I close in on my car.

…but please make these with a USB-C PD port and you’d have the perfect car charger :wink:


Cool! I will pass your idea with our product manager!
Good to know the location feature is actually worked!:grin:

Yes. It’s my favorite car charger to date due to it’s car locator feature, looks and fast QC charging :relaxed:

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Great detailed review @Dez_S :smiley: :thumbsup:


thanks for the great review @Dez_S
I’ll probably buy this soon

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I recommend it.

And yesterday, they’ve updated the firmware so it’s nice to see @AnkerOfficial do this.

It is a good charger.
I just wish Anker put 2 QC3 ports in it :grin:

good review.

Thanks Kumar