Review: Roav SmartCharge F3, by Anker, Wireless in-Car FM Transmitter Radio Adapter!

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Disclaimer: This review is written in participation & direct connection to Anker’s promotional campaign #roav #anker #WeLoveTesting.
Thanks @AnkerOfficial for choosing me to test the all new F3. It was an honor for me to participate in this campaign & share my thoughts with anker community & the world.

Roav SmartCharge F3, by Anker, Wireless in-Car FM Transmitter Radio Adapter.



I received this beautiful looking new gadget, an upgrade to its precursor F2. It comes in a professionally packaged premium product box that is a well known characteristic of Anker’s all family of brand products. Ready to use right out of the box it is shiny supreme quality plastic on the front with an intuitive screen and some controls as shown in the pictures below. On the back side of F3 transmitter, there is all beautiful patterned carbon fiber looking material that goes all the way to the charging plug. The rod that joins FM transmitter to the charging plug, is made of flexible metallic spiral material. All black and shiny, carbon fiber backed, this product presents the best example of a premium FM transmitter-an ultimate connectivity solution for all of us.

When you plug it in the 12V charging socket of your car, its screen lights up and controller starts working. There is a dedicated mobile phone app available for both IOS and Android users named “Roav Charger” that synchronizes your phone to this device-F3. Once connected, you can control everything you play on your car’s stereo system through F3. It has a built in mic and enables the functionality of receiving phone calls with the press of a button on F3 without even watching at your cell phone. No distracted driving and no more hassle of unlocking your phone and physically using the phone in multisteps. Insert a microSD memory card or plug and play your USB storage device. Now you have multiple music library options to enjoy listening to your favorite tracks.

Hassle-Free Usage of F3 is a nice upgrade to F2:
The newly added automatic unoccupied-frequency search feature eliminates the need of searching for vacant channels manually. It searches by itself for vacant frequencies, for a better purpose of least interference.

Secure and strong Bluetooth 4.2 connection is more reliable:
F3 entertains with crystal-clear music quality and phone calls delivered over the stable wireless connection.

Added feature of Noise-cancellation:
Noise cancellation technology eliminates road and wind-noise so only the important audio gets through in your phone calls and delivered to your loved ones without any distraction.

Latest Qualcomm-Quick-Charge 3.0:
It is the advance technology that ensures high speed charging for your latest mobile phones and other fast charge technology enabled device.

Find Your last Parked Location:
This is the most fantastic feature that I loved in F3. The Roav Charger app records your car’s location by dropping a navigation/location pin in the real time map. It is done the very moment (F3-Phone’s) Bluetooth connection is lost (i.e. the very instant your drive is over and you turned the ignition off, and you have parked your car in the parking lot of a busy plaza or airport).

I have previously used this feature in Roav F2 (the previous model F3 is an upgrade to), and also in ‘Nonda Zus smart charger’. But F3 has gone a lever farther in accuracy. Nonda Zus smart charger was such an expensive product and had some bugs causing it to fail many a times especially in basements of parking lots or the elevators. F3 Roav is perfect with their dedicated ‘Roav Charger’ named smartphone app.

When you take your cell phone out of the pocket and open the ‘Roav Charger’ app, it tells you the time since you last parked your car at the pinned location on real time map in this app. It also have the feature for taking an outside picture of surroundings while you were leaving your car after parking in the first place. This assists you in finding the car faster by reviewing the picture taken and saved when you left the vehicle.

The parking assist app ‘Roav Charger’ also gives you the timer/stopwatch function. Meaning no more calculations on how much time left for you to put more coins in the curbside parking meter. The timer in this dedicated app alarms you well before the time in parking meter is over. This way, you can save handsome amount avoiding expensive parking tickets.

Connectivity and a range of available Options:
1. AUX Output works best as an auxiliary connection. It uses 3.5 mm audio jack and provides stunning stable connection.

2. USB connectivity, is an added feature if your car isn’t equipped with a USB slot, or when you need an extra USB slot for a variety of playlists without the hassle of changing the USB drive and keeping one safe while the other one is plugged in. In F3 both of your USB Drives remain plugged in (one in car’s USB drive slot and the other in F3).
Another function of the USB slot in F3 is, just plug in your other gadgets’ charging cable for Charging purpose. You can charge almost any device including another Cell Phone, Headphones, EarBuds, Smartwatch, Activity Tracker etc.

3. MicroSD Card Slot. It is very useful because most of the cars doesn’t have the option to plug in a MicroSD card. Now your voice (mp3) files can be played on the go. Take the MicroSD card out of the voice recorder and plug it in the F3 device’s dedicated slot. You may also use the MicroSD card as an added tool for a third playlist for music of your choice.

Where to Buy:
Visit Amazon to buy (with 10% off promotion live now) this ankerdirect warranty supported product:-

What’s included in the Box:
Roav SmartCharge F3
Owner’s Manual
Anker’s happy/unhappy card.
Product Dimensions:
1.7 x 3 x 6.5 inches
Item Weight:
3.04 ounces
Item model Number:




I would love to test “Roav Viva Pro, by Anker, Alexa-Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger for Navigation, Voice Initiated Calling, and Music Streaming. for Cars with Bluetooth/CarPlay/Android Auto/Aux-in/FM Reception”

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Great review @DrMajidHanif ! I have the ROAV Bolt on pre-order so I’m really hoping most of these features are working on the bolt. The microSD card slot is a plus for the F3

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