Review refused by Amazon

Hi everyone and @AnkerOfficial,

I just wanted to let you know that when I tried posting my latest review on Amazon this weekend, an strange thing happenned. I’ve read on some other topics in the forum that some of you have also experienced it. Let me explain for those who haven’t… YET !

I wrote my review, and was waiting for the email from Amazon to hit my inbox. You know, that mail that gives you the permalink of your review? Yes, that one. It usually arrives within minutes, and for this review, I had to wait for more than 2 hours. Strange, but I actually received the email.

I then assumed my review was online, so I clicked on the link contained in the email. BOOM, 404 page on Amazon. I went on my profile page, and on the product page: no sign of my review. Damn…

I tried to post another one from my Amazon App (Android), and I got this message:

Let me translate in English:

We are sorry but we can’t accept your review on this product. This is due to the following reasons:
Your latest review on this product is not compliant with our Directives on customer reviews.
Amazon doesn’t authorize reviews from customers for which the relationship with the product or the vendor may seem biased.

I never say in my reviews that I get the product for free. I actually already bought once the same cable from AnkerDirect ! I’ll try again next time. In the meantime, I posted the item on both Instagram and Twitter. Here is a link of the Instagram post:

What advice can you give me for my next review on Amazon?

Seen this happen when ‘sample or discount’ and the like is mentioned in the review but sometimes reviews can just be declined or ignored. I had one none Anker product that was purchased via Amazon and it took three attempts to put up a review.

There is also a limit on the number of reviews you can put on Amazon (per week I think) if the item has not been purchased from them ie a verified purchase. Have you done a few other reviews this week that weren’t purchased via Amazon?

Nope, It was my first comment this week on Amazon… Weird. Maybe they find it weird that I only post 5 stars for Anker product?

I’ll ask Rosa if she has some advice for me. In the mean time, I’ll continue posting reviews for non-Anker products to try to lure Amazon ^^

Maybe for this reason?:thinking:

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interesting didn’t know Amazon crack down on reviews outside of US good luck hope you get some answer from Amazon since they are the one that is denying the review and you bought the item on Amazon.

Don’t think so, because this was my first review of the week on Amazon… Weird.

Actually the review was on an item not bought with Amazon. I purchased another one a year ago, and didn’t post anything at that time.

What you could do is go through your Amazon purchases and follow the link to review that item you purchased and post it that way. I have done that in the past

I guess that would be the proper way to do it yeah. But I’m worried for future power user reviews.
I will try to change the way I write my reviews to have them approved again.

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Did it read as glowing of Anker? Given you said 2 mins implies scant reading.

You can post the review here in the forum. Then when you submit your review links at your Power User page, submit the link to the forum review. It will count as a valid shared review, even though you maybe can’t get an Amazon review submitted to Amazon and use it’s review. Be sure and get all of your review links (Amazon if possible, Anker Forum, etc) together before submitting them at your Power User page for the item. There are multiple link slots (4 if memory serves me) and you can only fill them & submit the links once…once submitted, you cannot go back and add a review.

I’m sure Anker would love as many review links as possible but as I mentioned, if you simply cannot get an Amazon review, go ahead and just submit your forum review link.

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Yep that’s what I did for this time. I shared on Instagram and Twitter, and copied/pasted these links on my PU page.

It has been approved, and now I can see a new product available for test. I won’t take it though, as it’s an iPhone GlassGuard, and I don’t have an iPhone.

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The review was probably too good and a competitor company may have complained to have it removed. My reviews always came with a video and all were removed from Amazon. Funny thing is I never see video reviews anymore since I was banned from Amazon reviewing.

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I think the last thing that could be said on this topic is that for power users, Anker gives us about 10 link submission spaces. You could tie links to youtube, twitter, facebook, or any other forum you have a presence on which will meet the requirement to post a review. I kind of wish that I could post a video on Anker’s YouTube page of my product reviews.

this happened randomly with my slim+ review as well. It was only my 2nd anker item that i was reviewing. It took more than 12 hours for them to reject me and then another 12 hours for them to accept it. =/

Not sure why my review was rejected. Mainly wanted to help others avoid a product that might be in opposition to their objectives in a keto diet and perhaps even bordering on being a scam. Wouldn’t surprise me if Amazon asks if review will harm their sales and if so then don’t permit its publication. I’ve attached a partial screenshot so someone here might read it and perhaps enlighten me as to why it might have been rejected.

Go to and ask for an agent to call you. When they call, ask why your review was rejected.