Review: PowertPort Mini 2 Pack $15.99

Hi all,

I grabbed some of these to give to friends and family, thought I would review them real quick before I gave them away:

At $15.99 these are a great deal. They have folding pins and a small form factor, but power things at regular speed. No PD or QC here! This is a good adapter to have for your earbuds, small batteries, and other accessories that don’t have a high charging speed anyway. For example, the soundbuds curve or libeerty series would charge from this adapter perfectly.

Here is the result of the metering test I did. First, I plugged in a Galaxy S9 Plus and it pulled almost 6w - slow for the phone but probably the max you can expect from this charger.

Then I plugged in an iPhone 6s and it pulled about the same amount without diminishing the charge speed of the other port:

It’s good to see that you can plug things in and out while keeping a consistent charge speed even if it is a little slow. Again, this adapter is probably best used for small accesories that aren’t going to quick charge anyway. IT would also be a good adapter if you have usb powered accessories at home or in the office, since the small form factor does allow two to be plugged in beside one another in the same two socket outlet:

All in all, a great, small, IQ enabled charger available for a great price!

Thanks for Reading!


Nice review! I would have liked some pictures for size comparison… like against the Apple adapter block…

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Ask and ye shall receive:

That 5w Apple adapter is a bit slower than the Anker one, interestingly…it’s only rated at 5w.


The magic of IQ :joy:

Thanks for the pictures!


thanks for the detailed review and power ratings for PowerPort Mini @gAnkster :sparkles:


Good work as usual.
The folding pins are nice.
May be, one day in the far far future :wink:, those poor few here over the pond
will get such a present with foldable CE-pins too. :grin:


I see them on Amazon often and I always wonder how good they worked, now I know :+1:


It should not be so hard- its only two pins.


Nice review thanks for sharing!

Great review and photos!

Two pins!
This is more than difficult! :grin:
If it was only ONE, should be better…heheh!

Great review as always @gAnkster

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I don’t own this model, I own the Aukey which looks identical and I use mine more as a spare / backup charger as these are only 12W, that would suit most phones and to recharge BT buds.

Two pack would mean you’d probably give one away.


Great review and photos buddy :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2: