Review: PowerPort Speed PD 5 Ports

One of my biggest problems in the past with USB hubs is that a lot of them were aimed towards Apples 2.1 amp charging port, and I’ve always had an android so it never actually charged at it’s potential unless I used the OEM power brick. I had a Motorola Droid Turbo which struggled to charge quickly on anything other than it’s own turbo charging brick. Now I see that technology has gotten way more advanced especially with Anker’s IQ and PD technology. This is great for having friends over and and charging android and apple devices at their correct amperage and voltage and for quick charging. I currently have a Google Pixel and it charges at an average of .8 amps which is close to the OEM power brick. The only negatives I have are that it’s heavy and bulky, so it takes up a lot of room for traveling. For me it’s more of a permanent solution since 60 Watts isn’t going to be compact size and they even give you an adhesive strip to permanently put it somewhere. Overall great product and I would definitely recommend this product for charging numerous devices simultaneously especially with the incorporated 11-point safety system for heat control and overcharge protection!