Review - Powerport Atom III Slim (Four Ports)

I received this as test product.

Packaging and Unboxing: All paper box (white/blue) with no single use plastic material :+1:

Contents and Specs: Powerport Atom III Slim, 5 ft power cord, happy/not happy card, Adhesive strip and User manual.
Input: 100-240V - 2A, 50-6Hz
USB C Output: 5V, 2.4A / 9V, 3A / 15V, 3A / 20V, 2.25A “45 Watt Max”
USB A Output: 5V, 4A (2.4 A Max per port) “12 Watt Max per port”
Size: 8.8 cm x 8.5 cm x 1.7 cm
Weight: 5 oz


Testing: I tested this using my trusted usb digital tester and a load tester (25 Watt max).

I don’t have the newer laptop to fully check the USB C port “45 Watt” capability but will try to get a way to check that out soon. It worked great with Anker USB C to lightning cable to charge my iPhone
USB A ports (all 3 of them) output was capped at 13.2 Watt (5.1 V, 2.59 A) - This is marginally over the specs of 12 Watt (5V, 2.4A) :+1:

One thing I definitely see is that this runs absolutely cold. I didn’t experience even a little warmth.

Overall: I find this to be extremely compact in size (great for travelling). The AC cord is a little stiff but not bad with perfect length of 5 ft. Built quality is top notch with a textured feel to it. It has tiny rubber feet so it don’t slide around on the flat surface. I personally won’t be using the adhesive strip that came with it. If you have the right devices, this is one travel charger that can replace almost all of your computer and phone chargers.


Great review :+1:.

How heavy is the charger?? I’d like one with a little heft so it stays down on the table without having to use the adhesive strip.

Weight is 5 oz (about 140 grams)

Okay thanks. I’m looking for one that’s at least a pound, and around the same size.

Great review and pictures!

Great review and pics @kumar.sachin :+1:t2:

First rate review & testing as usual @kumar.sachin :ok_hand:

Perfect @kumar.sachin

Excellent, thanks for your feedback

Weird. Are you using it as a paperweight too?

That little temp meter is awesome! Do you have a link for that?

Haha. I just don’t like them to lift up off the table due to the cables bending in weird ways. I’ve had that happen with other power strips, as well as my power port 5

Its a load tester my friend. Here is the link…

I tested the temperature using a IR meter at work.

Awesome good reviewing the temperature and load testing. Keep it up!