Review: PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cables

Here’s the long and short: if you need this exact variety of cables, then take advantage of the little price break Anker gives you in bundling them together. Since manufacturers are finally getting onboard with USB-C, I’ve started to slowly retire my stash of micro USB cables and needed more USB-C cables for things like my Macbook, Nintendo Switch, and Android phones. This bundle comes with one 6-foot cable, three 3-foot cables, and one more 4-inch cable. These are all USB-C to USB 3.0 type cables, so keep that in mind. These things are so ubiquitous nowadays that having more than a few cables makes sense: I have the 6-foot one parked permanently at my workstation, two of the 3-feet cables floating around in various outlets at my house, one 3-foot cable in my daily carry bag, and finally the little 4-incher stashed away with my Power Bank.

The cables came neatly packaged with nothing extra apart from their Happy/Not Happy? pamphlet, which I appreciate because it cuts down on the amount of packaging needed. The longer cables came with their velcro ties which I really LOVE as they keep the cables neatly organized for travel or desk management.

These are Powerline cables, which differ from the Powerline+ cables in that they do not have any sort of kevlar coating and are thus more flexible at the potential cost of durability. That being said, I own various versions of both types of Anker cables and I haven’t had a “regular” Powerline cable fail on me (fingers crossed). I’ve flexed these cables all around, carried them in my luggage, and so far I haven’t seen any signs of wear; whatever coating Anker puts on these cables is solid, far more so than official cables I’ve seen manufacturers bundle in with smartphones/devices.

Overall, fairly solid for the price, IF you need all of these cables. I happened to, which is why this product piqued my interest. Otherwise, you might want to wait for deals on their individual cables. One criticism is that I would have liked if they swapped one of the 3-foot cables with a USB-C to USB-C type cable for a little bit more variety.


Good deal, that lil 4 inch cable really seals the deal when it comes to charging via a battery pack as you can literally have the devices back to back without a mess if cables

Great review :clap:t2:

That 4"/10cm lead is the one I hope will either be sold individually, or avail via PU or PD

It’s the one I been asking about so many times

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Nice work… thanks for sharing your review!

You are definitely a photographer!:grinning:

Nice pics. These multi cable sets are a great way to get a more cables at a lower price. I normally by these sets and give the extra cables I don’t need away.

Agreed, have so many potential uses for it. Would be RAD for my Nintendo Switch.

nice review :star_struck: